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The North American box art in all its cheesy glory.

Background Information:

Silent Bomber is an arcadey-style action game developed by CyberConnect2, better known for their work on the .hack series, for the PlayStation. It was fairly well recieved for its fast paced and destructive gameplay along with with its anime-esque aesthetics, with terrible voice acting to boot.

You play Jutah, a former soldier and convicted war criminal who is recruited as part of a rag-tag group assigned to destroy the gigantic warship The Dante before it can obliterate the planet of Hornet. Naturally, your mission is complicated by intrigue and betrayal, although really this game isn't about plot so much as explosions.

Standing in the Battledome:

Silent Bomber is waay above the HST due to The Dante. Whilst its ground forces aren't quite as impressive, most of the named characters are superhuman.

Character Profiles:


Vehicle Profiles:

The Dante

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