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Background Information:

Amazingly it seems the OBD has found a series that sucks worse than Naruto. When put through the Method of Test OBDers of every kind argued for Naruto. Not against, but for the Narutoverse. A feat that has never been accomplished before, nor will ever happen again. Hopefully. There is talk of Twilightverse becoming the new Method of Test. Sometimes it is.

As for what it actually is, it's some book series by a talentless Mormon lady who makes J.K. Rowling look like Shakespeare, about a bunch of faggy emo sparkly vampires and the biggest Mary Sue since Honor Harrington. Talk about putting it lightly.

im really 16. i LOVE edward cullen. i HATE twilight haters. srsly ur all stupid and ugly. twilight is my relegion

and i hate jacob blacks ugly face. i LOVE edward. jacob black is ugly.

time i watch twilight: 396 times now
external image NFSmile.gif
external image NFSmile.gif

i have the best bf in the world (besides Edward Cullen of course)

i also don lik black ppl. not rlly a racist r NEthing bcuz 1 of my friends is a nigar. she acks white and does not smell THAT bad lol but these stupid nigars on youtube saying white women want them piss me the fook off. i wud rather eat shyte than tuch ur nasty soft deseased dikk or hav a nigar baby. NE blakks who try to talk to me will git kikked in the nuts and poked in teh eyes wit my keys

/watch?v=wbFYsJ_C0jM dumazz nigars lyk SEANJEEZY01 stop makin shyt up ether that r stop polling skanks at burger king for ur "white women" polls

rip mopsy and pudding
external image sad.gif
external image sad.gif
( i rlly dont want 2 hurt kids bband i like animals

(The typical Twilight fan.)

Standing in the Battledome:

The generally used characters are low superhuman level with many of them possessing special abilities ranging from telepathy, precognition, elemental manipulation, and sensory control. That is to say, not very high.

Character Profiles:

- Alec
- Edward Cullen
- Jacob Black
- Jane
- Victoria

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