Can't ya'll fly?!
an't ya'll fly?!

Background Information:

A game based on the journey of destined warriors who must stop history from repeating itself. A very good game that deserves far more attention than it gets.

The Continent of Endiness is the large landmass in which the game's story takes place. It consists of four countries: Serdio, Tiberoa, Mille Seseau, and Gloriano. There is also a desert-like region, which has an arid climate, known as the Death Frontier.

Standing in the Battledome:

Varies from character to character. Most characters are around building-large building level+. The Virage Embryo is far and away the most powerful character, it is at least a life wiper (though only by hype). Melbu Frahma was able to cast a petrification spell that lasted 11,000 years and was able to effect souls (Though only in close range, such as when he stored his own in Zeig's Dragoon Spirit.)

Some people claim that Soa is omnipotent, but there is nothing to even remotely suggest that this is the case, not even by hype.

Character Profiles:

- Albert
- Dart Feld
- Lloyd
- Melbu Frahma
- Meru
- Rose
- Shana

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