Shadow Skill OBD

Background Information

Shadow Skill is a completed shonen manga, written and drawn by the mangaka Megumu Okada, who also does the Saint Seiya Episode G series.

Gau Ban is a boy who is struggling to become a "Sevalle," the strongest class of warrior in the mercenary kingdom of Kuruda.
Gau's elder sister, Elle Ragu, is the 59th "Sevalle" and holds the honorable title of "Shadow Skill."
The story develops around the two siblings, as they fight magical monsters and historical warriors.

Standing in the Battledome

Because of the lack of translations, the actual power level of the series is unknown, but from what they showed, they are slightly below the likes of the Holy Shonen Trinity (while it must stay as is, the RAWs point to Shadow Skills being superior to Bleach and One Piece in hax, and even possibly firepower. This topic discusses that potential)

Supporters of the Series


  • Blade
  • Keollyn
  • Kurou
  • Saint Saga


Character Profiles

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