Nadia the Secret of Blue Water OBD
Most of the Nadia cast

Background Information

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is a series produced by Gainax which is made from a concept of Hayao Miyazaki, and directed by Hideaki Anno (Best known for his work on Neon Genesis Evangelion). The series centers around a young inventor named Jean and a former circus performer named Nadia, who wishes to return to her home in Africa.

Standing in the Battledome

The series is considered to be not very strong at all and it would lose to most post time skip Naruto characters. The strongest character in the series would be New Nautilus (Excelion) which can draw power from aberrations in the gravitational field for a short time. Just like most Gainax series, it has Mechas and a few of the Mechas are named after a few of the Mechas from Gunbuster such as Nautilus (Eritrium).

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