Neon Genesis Evangelion OBD
From left to right, Rei, Asuka, Kaworu and Shinji

Background Information

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series created and directed by Hideaki Anno and produced by Gainax. It's a mecha anime, despite the fact that there are hardly any real mecha in it (the Evas are biological). The main character is a whiny emo fag named Shinji, who is perhaps the most emo character in all of fiction that wasn't written as a deliberate parody (seriously, he makes Sasuke look like Brock Fucking Sampson). There's also a loudmouth redhead named Asuka and an emotionless jailbait girl named Rei who is actually a clone of Shinji's mom (seriously). The series is blanketed with a bunch of random Christian symbolism and references that people have spent years trying to analyze, when the truth is that the writer just added it because Christianity has that "foreign stuff is cool" factor in Japan and it was never meant to mean anything.

The series is highly overrated by wannabe intellectuals who act like it's the greatest anime ever made.

In the OBD, it used to be known for a popular no limits fallacy, the AT Fields, which fanboys like to claim are impenetrable despite the fact that they have been broken by N^2 mines and a positron rifle with less power than a kiloton nuke (Although this is still considered a low end showing),

On the plus side, the theme song is catchy and the series is pretty powerful since most of the top tiers are comparable to HST high tiers/top tiers.

Rebuild Series

Not content with making a couple hundred spin offs, including a couple games, alternate ending movie, several manga and countless secondary material Gainax has decided to make an alternate retelling releasing four theatrical remakes with upgraded animation, new plot and new characters. Though this is an alternate universe it's still considered canon since it's written and directed by Anno. Updated units are Unit 05 and the pilot piloting it Makinami mari illustrious and the Angels get some power boosts like Ramiel able to destroy a whole mountain in one shot.

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Jesus Lasers!
Jesus Lasers!