Afro Samurai OBD
Samuel L. Jackson in anime form? Just Perfect

Background Information

Afro Samurai is an anime (and has a sequel anime movie too) based on a manga by Takashi Okazaki. Since the manga is generally unavailable in the west, most threads tend to use the anime. What is unique about the Afro Samurai anime is that, although it was produced and created in Japan, it premiered in the US with American voice - actors (including Samuel L. Jackson in the role of the title character).
There is also a video game.

The series follows Afro, a samurai (with an afro), whose father was killed by a villain named Justice. He has to get revenge on Justice, but first he needs the number 2 headband, since only the person with the number 2 headband can challenge Justice's number 1 headband.

Standing in the Battledome

The author of the series has said that the manga (which is a relaunch of the original Afro doujin), the anime and the video game have slight differences from each other but the main concept is the same. Each represents a different world/story and they still coexist within the Afro universe.
As for battle wise now, Afro Samurai features some impressive feats, such as casual bullet timing, cutting rockets in half, fighting thousands of feet in the air, powerful futuristic weapons, etc.

Overall however, the verse is not considered to be very strong, since few powerful characters have been shown.

Character Profiles


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