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Background Information

Doctor Who (also known as Dr. Who) is a science-fiction television program that originally ran on the BBC from 1963 to 1989. A television movie was co-produced with Universal Pictures in 1996, after which the series itself was revived starting in March 2005 and is still in production to this day.

Doctor Who is about the adventures of a mysterious time-traveler known only as the Doctor. The Doctor travels through space and time in a craft known as the TARDIS, an acronym for "Time and Relative Dimension in Space". The Doctor is usually accompanied by one or more companions, who are often females. The tone of the program varies from serious to comic, from gothic horror to pantomime camp. It is one of the most iconic science fiction series ever produced for TV.


The series is notable for its various spinoffs that often cross over with the main series. They include Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and K9. Torchwood focuses on Jack Harkness and his various teams and has more adult oriented topics and scenes than Doctor Who, conversely The Sarah Jane Adventures and K9 are aimed more at children. It also has minisodes released online or on home video that can often take fairly major roles in the main story, such as "The Night of the Doctor" and "The Last Day" which are both preludes to the fiftieth anniversary television special "The Day of the Doctor".

Doctor who also comes in various other media including books, audio stories, comics, animations and games. Doctor Who officially "has no canon", the head writer at the time Russel T Davis saying "I've got no more authority over the text than you!" when asked about it and the producers themselves are opposed to the idea of an official canon. However, the said other media have been referenced in the main series. The canon of Doctor Who is also extremely difficult to gauge because of the fact that Whoniverse takes advantage of its extensive and wonky cosmology that includes an infinite amount of universes, alternate timelines, several retcons, and repeated use of time travel but generally all of it is canon unless specifically stated or it is blatantly obvious like with "Curse of the Fatal Death".

The Doctor Who universe has had crossovers with Marvel and Star Trek although events in those crossovers are not considered canon. Doctor Who also takes influence from Cthulhu Mythos with the Old Ones heavily based off the Elder Gods.

Standing in the Battledome

The Doctor Who is considered to be one of the most powerful universes, and possibly the most powerful science fiction universe; the Manifold Series, however, is also a candidate for that position. Many characters and races in Doctor Who display use of telepathytime manipulation of all kinds, teleportation, technology capable of destroying planetsstars, and the multiverse in its entirety, traversing galaxies and dimensions, devices able to heal and resurrect entire planet populations or rewrite the biological code of a species turning it into another, with more powerful beings and technologies showing full blown reality warping of a certain area or even an entire universes. And surprise, surprise; the concept of multiple multiverses (called an omniverse in the EU) has actually been explored along with the destruction or restructuring of said multiverses being confirmed likelihoods with control over the Glory which is the focal point of all reality.

Supporters of the series

- Ampchu
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Character Profiles

- Abaddon
- Adam Smith
- Bad Wolf
- The Beast
- Black Guardian
- The Carnival Queen
- The Celestial Toymaker
- Davros
The Doctor
- Fendahl Predator
- Jack Harkness
- K9
- Luke Smith
- The Master 
- Nestene Consciousness
- Overseer of the Axis
- Quantum Archangel
- The Rani
- Rassilon
- Romana
- Sutekh the Destroyer
- Teselecta
- Timewyrm
- Torajii
- The Trickster
- White Guardian

Civilization and Faction Profiles

- Carrionites
- Charon
- Chronovores
Cybermen (Cybus)
- Cybermen (Mondas)
- Eternals
- Fairies
- The Flood
- The Grace
- Great Old Ones
- Guardians of Time
- Hervokens
- Humans
- Ice Warriors
- Judoon
- Silents
- Silurian
- Sontarans
- Swimmers
- Sycorax
- The Time Lords
- Toclafane
- Vashta Nerada
- The Weeping Angels

Vehicle Profiles


Weapon Profiles

- Armageddon Sapphire
- The Glory
- Hand of Omega
- Key to Time
- The Moment
- Reality Bomb

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