Background Information

The Linebarrels of Iron story takes place in a fictional alternate future, centering on a junior-high school student named Kouichi Hayase, who escaped his daily life of being bullied as a child by daydreaming about being a hero. His life was forever changed during a class trip in the year 2016 when an artificial satellite fell from orbit. Due to this "accident", Kouichi was left in a coma for half a year, and upon awakening, found himself with strange powers, including superhuman strength. Then, in 2019, a mysterious robot called "Linebarrel" appears before him. It is revealed that the accident from three years ago was not caused by a satellite, but rather by the Machina robot Linebarrel, and that this turned him into a "Factor", which is the name given to Machina pilots. This leads him to encounter Emi Kizaki, a mysterious amnesiac girl whose unknown past seems to be related to Linebarrel. He joins her in fighting for JUDA, the world's largest medical equipment maker, which happens to secretly own several other Machina robots.

The main's a bloody pansy.

Standing in the Battledome

Linebarrels of Iron is a strong verse with technology ahead the present time. The various mechas exhibit feats ranging from casual bullet timing (against railgun shells, no less!) to massively hypersonicspeed. The strongest units are the mysterious robots called the Machina. Each Machina is unique with a set of special features on their own. Thanks to their nanomachines, they are also able to regenerate, although usually that takes many days. The most powerful is obviously the titular mech (Linebarrel) which can casually intercept ICBMs, throw objects across countries, teleportBFR things with a compressed time-space field and possesses a beam saber at least several kilometers in length. In addition to the mechs they also have a bunch of nukes ready to launch any time and a massive orbital laser. Furthermore, there's an ongoing time travel plot which can potentially take the verse into more broken levels with the introduction of the Humanoid Machina. 

OBD Profiles


Character Profiles

  • Kouichi Hayase
  • Reiji Moritsugu
  • Jack Smith
  • Izuna Endo
  • Shizuna Endo
  • Yuriane Faithful
  • Eiji Kiriyama
  • Emi Kizaki
  • Miu Kujo
  • Dimitri Magarov
  • Soubi Nakajima
  • Makishi Ohba
  • Riku Ousei
  • Takuro Sawatari
  • Masaki Sugawara
  • Satoru Yamashita

Creature Profiles

  • "Deus"
  • Humanoid Type A
  • Humanoid Type B
  • Humanoid Type C



Mecha Profiles

  • Deceive
  • Glein-Neidr
  • Hind-Kind
  • Idaten
  • Linebarrel
  • Lostbarrel
  • Painkiller
  • Pretender
  • Ravbarrel
  • Talisman
  • Tsubaki-Hime
  • Vardant
  • Yaoyorozu


Vehicle/Vessel Profiles

  • Shangri-La


Faction Profiles

  • Humanoid Machina
  • JUDA Organization
  • Katou Corporation


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