Creatures of Light & Darkness
"Cool cover for a cool book"

Background Information

A novel by Roger Zelazny, a renowned science fiction author. It's a fairly experimental novel and pretty non-linear, with some nice ideas like Temporal Fugue, which will be elaborated on later. It gives a rather unique take on Egyptian mythology and it reads like an epic poem with a transhumanist sci-fi bent. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this.

Also, Set the Destroyer will fucking push your shit in. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Standing in the Battledome

This universe is damn strong. Temporal Fugue is basically combat time-travel, with characters making precise time jumps, calculating various ways to exploit openings in different moments of time. When two masters of the Fugue fight, they employ foreguards and rearguards throughout different areas of time to secure one's own existence.

Making time-clones is also a viable tactic for a user of the Fugue, with more than a hundred clones dying as a result of two masters going at it.

This universe also has a living void that erases whatever it touches, a sun destroying weapon, people who can take shots from this weapon, guys that can bust a planet as a mere side-effect of battling each other, a horse capable of FTL speeds, and more.

Can you guess which verses are a warm up for this verse? :maybe

Character Profiles

- Set the Destroyer
- The Nameless
- The Steel General
- Thoth

Starship Profile

- The Hammer That Smashes Suns

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