Rizelle Chrono Crusade OBD
Fodder who fights by controlling other fodders.

Name: Rizelle
Origin: Chrono Crusade
Gender: Female
Classification: Alien/Cyborg, Demon, Sinner
Age: At least 55 years
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, and speed, regeneration (mid), magic, forcefields, soul manipulation, able to summon demonic insect familiars (especially spiders), can control multiple people remotely via her demonic spiders, able to see through the eyes of her familiars or the people she controls, can extend her fingers like cutting whips
Weaknesses: She's arrogant, especially against human opponents. Compared to other Sinners she's weak and inexperienced in combat. She's blind and unable to see her surroundings without the aid of her familiars. Due to her past encounter with Pandemonium, Rizelle is unable to regenerate her arms and lower body (replaced with cybernetic parts)
Destructive Capacity: Small building level+
Range: Dozens of meters w/attacks, her mind control range is at least a few hundred meters
Speed: Superhuman (likely higher given showings of weaker demons)
Durability: Small building level+ (her damage soak is roughly large building level, though. Needed two Gospel shots to be defeated and she was still alive long enough to mock Rosette)
Lifting Strength: Peak human
Striking Strength: Superhuman (casual steel cuter)
Stamina: Unknown (although she has massive endurance, Rizelle managed to survive as a mere head without a body for a few minutes)
Standard Equipment: Cybernetic body parts (additional arms, spider-like lower chasis, etc)
Intelligence: Skilled combatant and manipulator. Rizelle likes to abuse the psychological weaknesses of their enemies and use innocent civilians like disposable tools.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Demonic spiders: Rizelle can plant small demonic spiders on people to take control over them. These spiders are normally invisible and can be only seen by spiritual senses. Rizelle can control up to many dozens of people at once and she has complete control over them. She can use the people under her control as scouts, messengers or even as disposable troops. Rizelle often took control of innocent civilians to use them as bargain chips against more noble opponents.

- Finger whips: Rizelle can extend her fingers to use them like whips with deadly cutting power. Her attacks can effortlessly cut train cars in half and she can launch all 10 of her finger whips at once.

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