It's all fun and games until you find out you're the devil.


Background Information

Stranger of Sword City (orginally titled The Stranger in Alda) is a DRPG reminiscent of Demon Gaze, Legend of Grimrock, and SMT. It has been out since last year (the last two years if you're Japanese) but has recently come out on PC through Steam and other venues. You play as a stranger thrust into the world of Escario. A place where sorcery and monsters run rampant terrorizing the land. You are found in a plane crash by a mysterious old man with no name who is a hundred percent trustworthy. Afterwards, you are attacked by monsters who have no relation to this positively normal old man (read: THE LIES NEVER END). You are saved by a high school girl in a mini skirt and rad looking armor, and thus begin your adventures in this new land. You join the Stranger's Guild as one of the few Chosen Ones able to take the Blood Crystals from Lineage Types preventing their resurrection.

You are forced into the politics of it as a result, and have to deal with the three factions governing the land. The factions are led by the Vessels. The ones who act as proxies for the gods. The sickeningly sweet Marilith Cribaum who leads the Kingdom, Riu Tsukisada the leader of the Stranger's Guild and not legal so get your head out of the gutter, and Alm Medell who is a Sith Lord but not really who is head of the Medell Co. They all want the Blood Crystals for their own reasons. It's up to you to decide who deserves them.

It's known for its difficulty, fairly expansive character creation and multiclass system, great artwork and story, and the fact you can upload portraits and character designs. So, basically you can play as whoever you want.

Yoko Tsukamoto's art is the TRUE ART by the way. Oxijiyen can go die in a ditch.

Standing in the Battledome

It is fairly powerful, and not to be fucked with being far above the HST.

We have garbage Lineage Types being able to move at lightspeed, a bunch of esoteric magic including instant death spells and defenses against them, immortality, anti-spirit attacks, anti-immortality attacks, time manipulation and time-travel, cross-dimensional travel, charms and enchantments that can control the mind, magic nullification, defenses against magic nullification, elemental evocation and weather manipulation, soul manipulation, curses and curse removal, teleportation, apportation, resurrection, reality warping, and a bunch of other junk. 

The Dark Overlord and Carrion Marian are able to destroy the world, and above them are Lucifel and Dragon King Peide. The former was able to create a dimension with countless stars, and the latter is able to create a replica of Escario that was even bigger along with an alternate Earth. It being a universe in of itself.

Supporters of the Series

  • Soma Cruz
  • Raidou Kuzunoha 

Character Profiles

  • The Stranger
  • Nameless Elder
  • Riu Tsukisada
  • Kyo Koremitsu
  • Anna Kurusu
  • Marilith Cribaum
  • Alm Medell
  • Helga Hilbrass
  • Raineria Dieslyn
  • Phantom Knight Dranserk
  • Le Roi Lapin
  • OI=Fick
  • Kisskill Lila
  • Dark Overlord
  • Carrion Marian
  • Dragon God Piede

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