Most of the cast - missing Pyron


Background Information

The Darkstalkers (or Vampire, to weeaboos) games are 2D fighters that were created by Crap...I mean Capcom. There have been numerous spinoffs such as OVAs, cartoons, mangas, and comics. Numerous characters have appeared in crossovers such as Marvel vs Capcom and Cross Edge, some of the characterization got derailed though.

But still, these games inspired Street Fighter and introduced many concepts to the fighting game genre.

No one knows who the exact main characters protagonists are but they are often considered to be Demetri and Morrigan. Demetri being a sex obsessed vampire and Morrigan a Succubus who needs to have sex in order to survive, what does that tell you? But hey at least Demetri is somewhat awesome.

The plot is surprisingly deep, especially Jedah who has quite a deep storyline and personality, though you may need to read some of the lore to get a full grasp of the story.

You will be wondering what kind of drugs Capcom were doing when they thought up the cast to this game, seriously just look at the picture above.

Darkstalkers is considered by most in the OBD to be a very high-quality series, and it has wide support.


Standing in the Battledome

Darkstalkers is unusually powerful for a fighting game series.

While the bottom of the barrel being only citybuster/island level and massively hypersonic+, there are numerous planet level+/small star level and relativistic+ high tiers, with the top tiers being small galaxy level to galaxy level and MFTL+.

With prep, it can reach to potentially around universe level.

Notable hax includes mind manipulation, soul manipulation, dimensional manipulation, transmutation, reality warping and so on that can reach quite potent degrees.


Supporters of the Series

  • Alchemist of Atlas
  • Ampchu
  • Blakk Jakk
  • Boomy
  • Crimson Dragoon
  • Dandy Elegance
  • DestinyDestroyer
  • KurouKetsu
  • Overlord Murasama
  • Matthew Schroeder
  • Nevermind
  • Roman55
  • ShikiYakumo
  • StealthRanger
  • Ultimecia


Character Profiles


Anakaris Anita BB Hood Belial Aensland Demitri Maxioff Donovan
Jedah Dohma Lilith Lord Raptor Morrigan Aen. Pyron  


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