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Background Information

Slayers originally began as a series of 50 light novels written by Hajime Kanzaka. It also has several mangas, anime series, video games, OVAs, and movies. The main character of Slayers is Lina Inverse, a powerful young sorceress who is known for causing mayhem and destruction, and is very sensitive about her small breast sizebreast size.

The Sea of Chaos:

In the beginning, there was nothing but Chaos, vast and infinite.

One day, it, being bored, decided to create multiple worlds, in order to alleviate its boredom. This Chaos was in fact the Lord of Nightmares, who controls all of time and darkness. The staffs perched atop the Sea of Chaos are all part of her body. Pretty cool when you consider these things are all multiverses. Hey, somebody's gotta have dem yottaversal titties.

The Gods and Monsters:

Each world in the Sea of Chaos has its own overlords of light and darkness. These are the Shinzoku ("Gods") and Mazoku ("Monsters"), who each spawned offspring.

The Shinzoku and Mazoku are in constant conflict on all of the different worlds. In the Slayers world, this consists of the conflict between Ruby Eye Shabranigdu and his Shinzoku rival, Flare Dragon Ceifeed. Their confrontation reached its climax at the end of the Shinma War 4,000 years ago, where Shabranigdu was split into seven pieces, each housed inside a human soul that would be reborn again and again. For this effort, Ceifeed's power was exhausted, and he sank into the Sea of Chaos, leaving a few essences behind.

One of the pieces of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu was reborn in the wizard Lei Magnus during the War of the Monsters' Fall. However, he was imprisoned in the north, and there was no definite winner in this conflict.

The conflicts between the Gods and Monsters continue on to the present day, wherein we have...

The Slayers Party:

Enter our main heroes and heroines!

Well, they're a sort of unlikely bunch to save the world.

Full-Time Members:

Lina Inverse,
the group's de facto leader, really only gives a shit about getting rich and making her tits grow. She's quite rude, bossy, and arrogant, has an appetite that would rival Goku's, and causes destruction anywhere she goes. Still, she is a magical and combat genius, capable of casting the most powerful known spell: the Giga Slave, which summons the power of the Lord of Nightmares herself. Sometimes this even allows Lina to become the former's avatar (who would've thought someone with tits so small would act the part of someone with tits so big?). She's also a surprisingly effective leader, marshaling her troops to victory throughout the series.

Gourry Gabriev claims to be Lina's bodyguard, but he's sort of a dumbass. All agree that he has jelly for brains. Still, he's one of the best swordsmen in the world, and carries very powerful weapons such as the Sword of Light and the Blast Sword, which are quite easily capable of killing Mazoku up to certain levels. He's also considered a handsome bugger. A lot of girls like him. Sorry if you thought girls liked intelligent guys. Get in the gym.

Zelgadiss Greywords is a chimera consisting of part Golem, part Blow Demon, and part human. He's the cynical one of the bunch and the most serious. His foremost goal is to find a way to turn his body back to normal. He'll sometimes even turn his back on his own comrades in pursuit of this goal, and at times he can be pretty emo because he's very insecure about his appearance. If Zelgadis was on twatter he might be making a #ChimeraAcceptance campaign. Regardless, he is quite intelligent and skilled in the use of magic, rivaling Lina. You could consider him the second-in-command of the group in a way.

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune is the second child of Crown Prince Philiionel El Di Saillune. As a princess, she can be pretty spoiled and is especially naive. She tends to annoy the others with her ranting and raving about a need for "justice." She also has the misfortune of being used as the group's human ATM machine. Amelia is however, a skilled sorceress herself, especially in the use of White Magic which consists of healing powers, and in astral attacks. She's also liable to punch you in the face with her amped fists if you annoy her.

Part-Time Members:

is a high-ranked Mazoku and the personal servant of Greater Beast Zelas Metallium, one of Shabranigdu's retainers. He can often be found hanging out with the party, but he typically just uses them to serve his own interests. He's secret and reclusive, only saying what is necessary and no more. He conceals his intentions at all times. If this show has a master power broker, Xellos is it. Whereas Garv and Phibrizzo get the axe in the end, Xellos, their technical inferior, stays alive because he's a wily son of a bitch. Those two can learn a thing or two from him. Despite these facts, Xellos can kind of sort of be shown to care for Lina and the others. Sometimes.

Pokota/Posel Korba Taforashia is a guy whose soul was put into a stuffed animal (talk about having a bad life). He joins the party in REVOLUTION and EVOLUTION-R and is concerned with reviving the sleeping residents of Taforashia. He and Lina are similar in more ways than they would like to admit. Both have large tempers, both like to bust shit up with Dragon Slaves, and both like to eat. Unlike Lina though, this guy is, in this author's humbly arrogant opinion, the most annoying character of the show.

Filia Ul Copt is a former Priestess of the Fire Dragon King who joined the party during TRY. Like Amelia, she is skilled in the arts of healing and light magic, except hers is superior. She can also shapeshift. She has quite a temper sometimes, though not to the extent that Lina does. Still, she did piss Xellos off a few times, no easy feat.

Sylphiel Nels Lahda is a shrine maiden from the destroyed city of Sairaag. She's the kind, feminine character on the show. She has a thing for Gourry (who she met when he saved Sairaag from...something), but he's too stupid (further proof intelligence won't attract girls) to see it. Sylphiel is extremely potent in White Magic, even more so than Amelia or Naga, basically bringing Lina back from death one time. However, this has a drawback: her offensive magic is weaker than a social justice warrior at the gym. There is an exception however: between the first series and NEXT, she learned the Dragon Slave, the most powerful offensive spell in Black Magic, all so she could impress Gourry and be a good wife. Talk about being horny.

Naga the Serpent is Amelia's older sister. She's thus second-in-line to Saillune's throne, after her father, Prince Phillionel. This is a scary thought, because Naga is well...Naga. She's known for having giant HONKERS, a laugh that's annoying enough to scare entire towns, and being as greedy as Lina. She and Lina traveled together before the events of the first season, but they separated for unknown reasons. Naga reappeared in EVOLUTION-R, but as fate would have it, her soul was transported into a suit of armor for the occasion. She's back to normal now. Whatever that is. Naga is also, like her sister, skilled in the use of White Magic, and is actually demonstrably intelligent. That's good news, I guess, considering this chick is going to be the queen of a very powerful country one day. The Lord of Nightmares probably loves all of this.

Overall the series is quite popular among the OBD for its plot, action, humor, and characters, and has a dedicated cadre of supporters.


Standing in the Battledome

Slayers is a very powerful universe, it spans a megaverse which was created and is ruled over by the Lord of Nightmares, a possible omnipotent being who usually takes the form of a blond - haired woman.

She is known as the Sea of Chaos, and all of the universes/multiverses/etc. in the Slayers continuity are just part of her body that she created for fun.

A spell drawing from her power, the Giga Slave, can destroy an entire universe if miscast. There are also the Mazoku and Shinzoku, non-corporeal spirit beings that can only be killed by astral attacks, and many have powerful reality warping abilities.

The Slayersverse is inhabited with all sorts of beings, including your generic Tolkienesque fantasy races and stranger things. It is known for its comedic aspects as well as its power.

The series Lost Universe is also part of the Slayers continuity.


Supporters of the Series

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