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 The Krosmoz

Background Information

The Krosmoz is a French shared multimedia setting developed by Ankama, which began with the Flash-based strategic MMORPG Dofus. Heroes search for the titular Dofus, dragon eggs that bestow great power. The game inspired spi-offs such as books ,comics, tabletop roleplaying games, an animated series (Dofus: The Treasures of Kerub) and a theatrical movie (Dofus: Book 1 - Julith). The animated series follows the light-hearted episodic tales of Kerub Crepin in his bizzare as he recount his lifetime of adventures of a young Joris. The movie takes on a more serious tone, with Joris's mother Julith seemingly planing to destroy the city of Bonta.

Ankama later released Wakfu, the sequel to Dofus, set 1000 years afterwards where Ogrest has devastated the World of Twelve. Like its predecessor, the game spawned several spin-offs, includings comics, trading card games, board games and an animated series. The Wakfu animated follows the adventures of Yugo, an Eliatrope boy who can create portals, and his journey to find his family and find out more about his past with the Brotherhood of Tofu. On the way, he must save the world from threats like Nox and Rushu.

Wakfu refers to the energy of life and creation, and is opposed by stasis, the energy of destruction, inanimate objects and mechanical lifeforms. The cycle of the two sustains the cosmos, called the Krosmoz.

A game for Xbox 360 called Island of Wakfu was made, and follows Nora and her dragon brother Ephrim.

Standing in the Battledome

Wakfu & Dofus is a formidable setting, with everyone being at least town level+, and stronger characters being city level+. The nature of the World of Twelve means that all twelve races of humans each gets a super power.

High tiers are effortlessly city level+ to island level+ (to the point where characters like Goultard can pull off island level feats just by jumping), with some unquanitfiable feats such as Grougaloragrans suicide attack being even greater. The PRotectors of the Months are even more powerful, with any one being able to plunge the entire planet into winter.

The gods if the World of Twelve are on an even greater level, with Osamodas lighting up the universe when he and his dragons remade the planet and its solar system (after it was raized by Nora 10,000 years ago) and demigods like Yakusha creating alternate universes. The Eliacube, when fully charged, has enough energy to send the entire universe 20 minutes back in time. Ogrest with the 6 Primordial Dofus was able to take on the entire Pantheon of Twelve and won.

The demons (also known as Shushus) have always tried to make their way into the universe in order to destroy whatever they can. Their leader Rushu killed the other 9 primordial demons long ago so he could be the sole master of the Shulkrite (the underworld/hell). Knights known as Shushu Knights bind these demons to objects, but must resist them corrupting and possessing their bodies. One of these Demon Gods, Mongrelamus, once accidently merged two universes.

Speed is also another one of Wakfus strong points, with mid tier characters like Evangelyne being massively hypersonic+. Higher tiers such as Kerub Crepin are sub-relativistic.

There's no shortage of hax either, which characters being able to demonstrate time stops and break out of time stops, telepathytelekenesis, mind controlshapeshifting, control over the weather and different elements, reality warpingintangibility, cursing and transforming others, force fields, inter-dimensional travel, demonic possession and absorbing and manipulating energy (Wakfu and Stasis, the latter being deadly to organic life). Several charactes have knowingly or not broken the 4th wall.

At the very top of the scale are Eliatrope and the Great Dragon, who created and sustain the entire Krosmoz, which conists of many different planes, dimensions and universes, and embody Wakfu and Stasis respectively. 

Supporters of the series

  • Crimson Dragoon
  • Savan
  • Sir Jogga
  • TTGL

Character Profiles


The Brotherhood of Tofu

 Yugo Sadlygrove  Evangelyne  Amalia 
 Yugo Sir Percedal of Sadlygove  Evangelyne  Amalia 
Ruel Adamai    
Ruel Adamai  Alibert  Cleopee

Kerubs Bazaar

Kerub Crepin   Joris Simone  Luis
 Kerub Crepin Joris  Simone  Luis 

The Eliatrope Council

Grougaloragran Qilby Phaeris Nora
Grougaloragran Qilby Phaeris Nora



Eliatrope The Great Dragon
Eliatrop The Great Dragon 


  • Indie
  • Lou


  • Bakara Jurgon


  • Julith



 Kriss Krass    
 Kriss Krass Maude The Emporg


Rushu Rubilax  Ombrage  
Rushu Rubilax Ombrage Grufon
Anathar  Mongrelamus    


Nox Igole       
Nox Igole Tartufo Frisco Marama


Sadida Kingdom

  • Prince Armund
  • King Sheram Sharm


  • Willow


  • Kabrok


  • Remmington Smisse

Shushu Guardians

Vampyro  Justice Knight 
 Vampyro Justice Knight

Pantheon of Twelve

Iop Ecaflip Osamodas Xelor
Iop Ecaflip Osamodas Xelor
Cra  Sacrier    


Minor Gods

  • Moon
  • Dragon Pig
  • Sept
  • Eltux
  • Zellina


Goultard  Lady Echo Atcham Crepin

Protectors of the Months

Jiva Jiva
Jiva Djaul







Civilization Profiles

  • Eliatropes
  • Mechanisms
  • Pantheon of Twelve
  • Shushus
  • The Hour Demons
  • New Sukofian Empire

Weapon Profiles

  • Xelors Clock
  • The Eliacube
  • Eliatrope Dofus
  • Primordial Dofus
  • Crashbang Staff
  • Moons Hammer

Mecha and Vehicle Profiles

  • The Zinit
  • Nox's Clock
  • Razortime
  • Steamflex


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