Adol and Dogi
Adol Christin, and his Dr. Watson of pain.


Background Information

Ys is a series of Japanese role playing games, and unlike most of them has real time combat. The series is centered around Adol Christin, and his adventures on an alternate version of earth. He was born in the Garman region of Europa (presumably, this earth's version of Germany) to a peasant family, and taught swordsmanship by his father. He was enthralled with stories of dragon slaying heroes, and by the time he was sixteen years old he set out to become an adventurer. He first tried to set sail to Afroca (this earth's version of Africa) but the armed conflict between the Romun Empire, and the Kingdom of Altago made him change his plans. Instead Adol Christin makes his way to Esteria. Which starts his adventures, as he gets into the first of many ship wrecks. On Esteria is where the legend of Adol the Red begins, and where his fate becomes tied with the Eldeen civilzation for many journies to come. As the red-haired swordsman unravels the mystery of the lost city of Ys. 

It is Nihon Falcom's most popular series. It has one of the best soundtracks in any videogame barring Ys V which was kind of lacking when compared to the other titles when it came to music but even then it was okay. 

Standing in the Battledome

Ys is pretty powerful, with many characters being able to warp reality to the extent they can create universes with stars and galaxies. In terms of the esoteric both transmutation, and time-stop are not uncommon. As well as immunity to time manipulation, and soul manipulation. The most powerful civilization in Ys is the Eldeen, the winged ones who originate from Heaven, who are responsible for creating emelas which is the source of all of the magic we see in Ys. Which as it turns out is more along the lines of advanced technology which seems indistinguishable from magic. As well as being responsible for creating many powerful artifacts such as the Black Pearl, Almarion, Ark of Napishtim, Mask of the Sun, Mask of the Moon, and the Akashic Records. The latter of which records of all the past, present, and future (as well as dictating what happens in the universe). It contains the laws which construct all of reality. The setting has more than a few abstracts. Such as Rul-Ende who is the root of all existence, and holds dominion over life and rebirth. This becomes even grander once we include the likes of Maia who is the incarnation of the Earth itself and as it turns out all of reality is her dream, and the Goddess of Evolution (who was the Origin of Creation, and Beginning of Life before Adol motherfucking Christin beat the godhood into her) who is responsible for recreating reality after it was destroyed by Adol Christin when he defeated Theos de Endogram. Who was the previous God of Evolution. 

In terms of speed we have characters the likes of Dark Fact, and Adol Christin fighting across the entire universe the former creates to the point galaxies were zipping past them in record time. 

Suffice to say they got all their bases covered for the most part.

In terms of the setting as a whole it is above the likes of Stranger of Sword City, and Darkstalkers.


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