Dark Cloud OBD
A world with two moons illuminating the sky...

Background Information


Dark Cloud

"A long, long time ago, when the two moons were shining, there were two continents in the world, living separately but peacefully. In the East there was an advanced civilization; the development of technology had brought prosperity and wealth there. In the West the people lived in harmony with the natural world, co-existing peacefully with the spirits and animals around them. Then came the time of darkness. A great evil was unleashed, and a Dark Cloud overshadowed the Western continent. Whole villages were destroyed. Entire families mysteriously vanished. And a strange and magical adventure began."

Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle

"Behind its tightly closed gates, a peaceful mining town through which flows a slow, gentle breeze holds a mystery for the ages. A young inventor and a protector from the future begin their story here. 

Throughout his many years in town, Maximilian, nor anyone else, has ever set foot outside of town.  But the time has come for his long cherished desire to leave and see the outside world."


Standing in the Battledome

Dark Cloud's a fairly strong universe for the few feats and accolades it possesses.  Implications exist for top tiers being some kind of star level where as other feats exist well into large planet level.  At the lower end of the spectrum, even towards the start of the games, city block level is well within the power of early game bosses and protagonists.

Their speed is par for where their power tops out at, sitting around sub-relativistic.

In terms of hax and other assorted abilities you're talking along the lines of dimensional manipulation, elemental manipulation, energy blasts, flight & levitation, immortality, magic, poison manipulation, possession, reality warping, regeneration, sealing, soul manipulation, sound manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and time manipulation.

An assorted collection of feats and accolade from Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle can be found here.

Character Profiles



Vehicle Profiles

  • Paznos
  • Ridepod
  • Sun Giant

Weapon Profiles

  • Chronicle Sword
  • Chronicle 2
  • Star Breaker
  • Sun Sword

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