The Tale of the Forever Game
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The Forever Game
Origin: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (The Tale of the Forever Game)
Type: Board game and tree
Powers and Abilities: Space manipulation (forces the people in the vicinity of its tree into an endless loop around it until the game is over), dimensional manipulation (the inside of the tree is its own dimension), can seal people inside the dimension, weather and elemental manipulation (rain, snow, quicksand, wind, real lightning, etc.), time manipulation (can change day to night in its space), can summon a beast, one player can switch places with another person trapped in the outside warped space, every spin of the wheel stops one of the previous events (except night and the beast), gives immortality (type 1) to those forced to play the game inside the tree
Destructive Capacity: At least wall/tree level, perhaps town level as it can create storms
Wielder(s): The players unfortunate enough to be forced to play the game
Material or Element: The game
Needed Prerequisite for Use: None
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:

Other: If the tree is destroyed (and the game with it), its effects are nullified