The Tale of Oblivion
Simple, right?

The Tools of Oblivion
Origin: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (The Tale of Oblivion)
Type: Charcoal pencil and eraser (seriously)
Powers and Abilities: Can erase anything written down or drawn with the charcoal pencil, sending it to Oblivion, where it is sealed (this works whether the user is inside or outside of Oblivion), can erase things from existence entirely if the user erases Oblivion itself, can create portals between dimensions should the user draw and erase a doorway leading back to his world, these portals can send the user anywhere else in time as well, can prevent the user himself or anyone else he desires from being erased if he writes out their names on the paper while erasing the anything else to his heart's content, possibly even reality itself
Destructive Capacity: Depends entirely on what's being erased on the paper
Wielder(s): A kid named Max, some monks in the Middle Ages, Kronos
Material or Element: Charcoal and rubber
Needed Prerequisite for Use: None
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:


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