Great game, bad controls....still a great game.

Background Information:

Kid Icarus is a video game series created by Nintendo R&D1, same people who brought us the Metroid franchise. The games are basically about Greek mythology and many characters from the mythology make cameos (Poseidon in Uprising).

The plot of the first game is about Palutena getting kidnapped by her sister Medusa. After the goddess of darkness attack Skyworld, Palutena calls out to Pit to save her.

The second Kid Icarus game revolves around a vision Palutena had of an impending war with the Underworld and its next commanders Orcos.

The third and current game was about Medusa's return and a massive war between multiple gods that nearly caused the end of the world multiple times (fun fact: This game was created by Sakurai, the creator of the Kirby franchise).

This series also has three anime shorts however only one of them is canon.

Standing in the Battledome:

Kid Icarus is fairly powerful series, it posses multiple island level and massively hypersonic characters with FTL reactions, an alien race filled with island to continent-sized capital ships, nature nukes, FTL space travel, references and cameos from the Metroid franchise, dimensional travel, reverse Hydras, and many other WTF's that you wouldn't expect from a game about Greek mythology.


- Centurions
- Palutena
- Pit


- Eggplant Wizard
- Hades
- Hewdraw
- Komayto
- Medusa
- Orcos
- Orne
- Pandora
- Tempura Wizard
- Thanatos
- Reapers

Forces of Nature:

- Arlon
- Phosphora
- Viridi

Misc. Gods/Monsters:

- Chaos Kin
- Phoenix
- Pyrrohn


- Dark Lord Gaol
- Dark Pit
- Magnus
- Mimicutie

Anime Characters:

- Vegetable Monsters


- Aurum
- Forces of Nature
- Mortals
- Skyworld
- Space Pirates
- Underworld


- Arm
- Blades
- Bows
- Cannon
- Claws
- Clubs
- Great Sacred Treasure
- Juggernauts
- Palm
- Orbitars
- Staffs
- Reset Bomb
- Three Sacred Treasures


- Aether Ring
- Cheru Bot
- Exo Tank
- Lightning Chariot

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