If Sengoku Basara, and Berserk were ever to cross paths.


Background Information

Nioh is the story of William Adams. Otherwise known as Anjin Miura as he travels across the sea to rescue his guardian spirit with his closest friend Saoirse (and possibly his lover). When he finally makes shore he finds himself in the strange land of Japan. A place known for the aesthetic culture, and murderous samurai found there. Naturally, after reading a samurai primer he found on his boat (seriously, that happens) he decides to become weeb incarnate. He is not just any weeb. He is the greatest weeb. His superior nerd genes let him instantly master the art of swordsmanship, and become the pinnacle of a samurai. What does he do with these newly acquired talents you ask? He embraces his favorite past time. He becomes a demon slayer. No, not like Dante. Well, kind of. He is a samurai alright. A samurai that hunts demons.
The story begins in a prison in England where after William discovers the nefarious machinations of Queen Elizabeth? He is left to rot but he does not give up. He literally punches his way out of prison, and almost manages to escape only to meet Edward Kelley. At which point the alchemist kidnaps Saoirse. The purpose behind this act being to use the guardian spirit for his own ends. Her unique ability allowing her to track down, and find amrita. What some may call the philosopher's stone. These spirit stones are a source of great power and Edward Kelley's employer--the mysterious John Dee--would have them for himself. 
After tracking Edward Kelley all the way to Japan William Adams is quickly noticed by the locals. He becomes known as Anjin Miura. It's not long before his acts as a demon slayer drives him into the service of 
Ieyasu Tokugawa. After Hanzō Hattori recruits him for his particular spiritual abilities, and the fact he is really good at murdering demons.
He eventually finds himself embroiled in the conflict, and war the land finds itself plagued by. Only to find out Edward Kelley is the source of it. It culminating in a climatic confrontation between the two. Where Edward Kelley resurrects the greatest demon known to Japan: Yamata no Orochi. William Adams being the greatest of weebs follows in Susanoo's footsteps, and slays the beast once more.
William Adams returns to England. Now armed with not only Saoirse but with countless other guardian spirits. Who now swear allegiance to him. He finds John Dee, and brings an end to his plans. However, the story does not end there. Upon taking John Dee's eyes William Adams is assaulted by a vision of the future. He sees Japan in turmoil once more, and his friend Hanzō Hattori about to meet death in battle.
William Adams sails once more to Japan. His friend needs him. 

Standing in the Battledome

Nioh has pretty much all of its bases covered. There are numerous lightning-timers, and swordsmen who can cut down lightning bolts.
A whole plethora of spiritual, and mystical abilities. A bunch of immortals, and people who can ignore the fact they have died.
Going so far as returning to the land of the living on so much as a whim. It shares a universe, and setting with Ninja Gaiden. Which is another thing to consider. Anyone, and their grandmothers have powerful guardian spirits who have abilities that range from being able to see the future to being able to manipulate the elements.
To say nothing of the probability manipulation some of them have, and the immortality Saoirse grants her master. The more powerful demons are a threat to all life on the Earth, and threaten to consume it with their presence alone such as the Gasha Dokuro.
As well as alchemists like Edward Kelley being able to fuse the Earth, and the Yokai World together. Any onmyouji can traverse dimensions, and make their way to Yomotsu Kirazaka. The land where the dead rest, and live for the rest of eternity. Which serves as the divide between Earth, and the Yokai World. Yet, there are stronger beings still. The likes of Yamata no Orochi, and Amaterasu. 
The verse is overall much stronger than the likes of the HST, UQ Holder/Negima and YYH.

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- Edward Kelley

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- Hattori Hanzō

- Okatsu

Gasha Dokuro

- Yamata no Orochi


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