Joshua Graham Fallout
"And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not."

Name: Joshua Graham, The Burned Man
Origin: Fallout
Gender: Male
Classification: Former Missonary, Former Legate, Dead Horses War chief
Age: Around mid Fifties
Powers and Abilities: Skilled Gunman, experience fighting multiple armed opponents, superhuman durability, immunity to drugs and poisons
Weaknesses: None Notable
Destructive Capacity: Wall Level
Range: Several hundred meters with his .45
Speed: Peak human
Durability: Superhuman (Can survive being covered in Pitch, lit on fire and thrown in the Grand Canyon)
Strength: Peak Human
Stamina: Superhuman (Traveled from the Mojave to Zion Valley covered in horrible burns, with little rest and no bandages all while fighting off Caesar's assassins)
Standard Equipment: Joshua's custom .45 Auto pistol, A Light Shining in the Darkness
Intelligence: Decent Tactician, trained in Multiple languages, and a master Gunman
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