Legate Lanius
The Monster of the East.

Name: Legate Lanius
Origin: Fallout
Gender: Male
Classification: Human swordsman/Legate
Age: 30's
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, skilled swordsman, experience fighting multiple armed opponents
Weaknesses: Basic human frailties
Destructive Capacity: Wall level
Range: Several meters with his sword
Speed: Peak human
Durability: Superhuman (Far tougher than a normal man)
Lifting Strength: Class 1+
Striking Strength: Class KJ
Stamina: Can fight for hours on end, even when heavily wounded
Standard Equipment: Legate armour, Legate helmet, Blade of the East, Healing Powder
Intelligence: Master of armed and unarmed combat, experienced fighting humans, good strategist with a sound grasp of battle tactics
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Sword of the East: With a single swing Lanius can cut down a man in combat armor.

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