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Wild Arms (ワイルドアームズ Wairudo Āmuzu), also written as Wild ARMs,[1] is a media franchise developed by Media.Vision and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. The franchise consists of several Western-themed role-playing video games and related media. Since the launch of the original Wild Arms title in 1996,[2] the series has gone on to encompass several media, including toysmangamobile phone applications, and a 22-episode animeWild Arms is noteworthy as being one of the few role-playing video game series to adopt an American Old Westmotif.[3] Characters, settings, and music within the series contain visual and audio cues to American westerns, as well as traditional fantasy and science fiction elements.

The series has largely been overseen by producer Akifumi Kaneko and is viewed as a cult classic among other role-playing game franchises.[4] While reception in North America and Europe remains modest, the series has an active Western fanbase. The Wild Arms games are popular in Japan.

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For the most part, everything with the title Wild Arms is considered canon to the series. Even the anime, Twilight Venom, is considerd canon to the series. Due to the reoccuring cameos in the anime, it can be deduced that it takes place in the Wild Arms 2 universe.


Standing in the Battledome

The Wild Arms series is a rather impressive series power wise. While it was never been seen as weak (mostly cause no one cared), it is surprisingly strong. The way the series universe is set up, and the way the games are presented, suggest a multiverse for their cosmology. Even so, no one is directly attributed to the creation of this cosmology (it is hinted, but not confirmed). Regardless, the series possess a host of characters that have substantial power.

Power: Within the verse, you are met with characters that are rather impressive in this department. On the lower-end, you have town encompassing storm clouds creation, island transmuting magic and global scale cloud dissipation. Getting a bit higher, you have planet flipping, moon moving, outright planet busting powers (2 from the main characters alone) and supernovas. Once we hit the high notes, you have dimension creation that's host to an innumerable amount of stars, outright galaxy busting and a physical manifestation of a universe.

Speed: Speed is another thing that is pretty impressive, though not at all close to representing their power. You have causal bullet blocking feats, planet exiting speed and characters capable of moving at the speed of lightning (literally!).Other ones have them making trips to the moon and lapping earth

Hax: The series boast a well rounded repetoire in the hax department with stuff like soul erasing, time manipulation, dimension crushing and dumping, spatial manipulation, resurrection, sealing and a host of others


Supporters of the Series

  • Keollyn (only played 1, 2 and 5)


Character Profiles

Good Guys

Bad Guys

  • Mother
  • Lord Blazer
  • Persephone

Weapon/Mecha/Vehicle/Vessel Profiles

  • Golem

Civilization/Race/Faction Profiles

  • Elws
  • Guardians
  • Metal Demons


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