A Brotherhood Paladin.
A Brotherhood Paladin.

Name: Brotherhood of Steel
Origin: Fallout
Age: Over 200 years old as of Fallout: New Vegas
Classification: Techno-religious paramilitary organization
Number of members: Unknown, probably in the hundreds or low thousands.
Leader(s): The High Elder
Center of Operations: Lost Hills, California (although it is unknown whether this facility survived the war with the NCR)
Technology/Abilities: Brotherhood tech is far in advance of our own. Power armor and energy weapons are the norm, and they also have access to advanced medicine (such as cybernetic implants), computers and robotics. Brotherhood troops are taught from childhood and as such are both extremely well trained and often fanatical.
Weaknesses: Fanatical devotion to their Codex even when such a thing is clearly detrimental, unwillingness to work with or recruit from outsiders makes it difficult to recover from losses, will not accept advanced technology in the hands of others and will go to extreme lengths in order to 'reclaim' it.
Holdings/Authority: None significant (the Brotherhood generally operates underground and out of the open)
Finances/Industrial Capacity: Fairly low. Nearly all Brotherhood tech is either scavenged or highly difficult to produce. This along with their refusal to recruit new members makes it very hard to deal with losses or maintain the numbers necessary to fight protracted large-scale conflicts.
Affiliated Groups: N/A
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Other: This covers the Brotherhood as of Fallout: New Vegas, during which they are substantially weaker than previous installments due to a destructive war with the NCR and general stagnation. Furthermore, this profile does not take into account the far more liberal Capital Wasteland splinter faction from Fallout 3.