Caesar's Legion Fallout
"My Legion obeys me, even unto death. Why? Because they live to serve the greater good, and they know of no alternatives."

Name: Caesar's Legion
Origin: Fallout
Age: Around 30 years old as of Fallout: New Vegas
Classification: Post-apocalyptic human civilization, autocratic pseudo-tribal slaver society
Number of members: Unknown, at least hundreds of thousands including slaves
Leader(s): Caesar, Legate Lanius
Center of Operations: Flagstaff, Arizona
Technology/Abilities: Comparatively low technology. Much of their tech is either scavenged (their armor) or deliberately primitive, such as machetes and throwing spears. However, they do make use of simple firearms as well as some advanced technologies, such as ballistic fists and Stealth Boys.
Weaknesses: Single-minded and reactionary, relies heavily on Caesar's leadership and would be very damaged by his absence, extreme misogynism means women are disregarded as anything other than caretakers and breeders, unwillingness to make use of advanced technology as they believe it 'weakens' them.
Holdings/Authority: Most of modern-day Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.
Finances/Industrial Capacity: High. The Legion has been at war constantly since its founding, and is capable of fighting the NCR largely to a standstill.
Affiliated Groups: The Great Khans, the Omertas
Notable Individuals:

Legate Lanius- The current Legate, the second-in-command behind Caesar himself.

Joshua Graham- The Legate prior to Lanius.

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