Michael Moorcock's Multiverse
 You must fight though you do not know the reason why. You must die though you do not know the reason why.


Background Information

Michael Moorcock's Multiverse is a series of stories which find themselves tangled together through the trappings of a "fate" few can truly comprehend. There are countless universes boundless and infinite in scope. There are worlds where the mernii, the brothers and sisters of the phoorn reign surpreme. Where those with dragon blood rule over mortals with an iron fist. There are other worlds where humanity has taken to the stars, and has begun unraveling the mysteries of the universe. There are worlds where warriors of every lot in life fight and die for their lords. There are worlds like ours ignorant of what part they play in the game of time.

The Eternal Champion stands as the Balance between Law, and Chaos. While his black sword stands as the Anti-Balance. Where they live countless lives, and repeat the same tragedies. Never knowing true peace. Never knowing true rest. Just the times between more conflict. There is no escape from death. No, even the multiverse must die so that it can be born again.

The cycle repeats. The grail is churned.


A question many seek the answer for but it falls on deaf ears. The strong struggle in the face of this silence, and the weak crumble to their knees.

The Eternal Champion fights. The Eternal Champion dies.

Woe is he who carries such a weight. 


Basically, everything written by Michael Moorcock. However, that which has his approval can be thought of as "secondary canon."

Doctor Who is incorporated into the setting by Michael Moorcock. Which opens up another can of worms. Which gets even stranger since Michael Moorcock confirmed that his multiverse and DC are also intertwined (he was even asked to conjoin the two), and that it went both ways canon-wise. He also considers the Conan crossovers canon but he's not sure whether Marvel felt the same way there.

Standing in the Battledome

It is obscenely powerful. We have countless characters who are able to destroy, and recreate the entire multiverse. The multiverse itself actually consists of multiple megaverses. It consists of an infinite number of spheres, and each sphere consists of an infinite number of parallel Earths. These universes are infinite in size, and hold an infinite number of civilizations within them. These various Earths each have an infinite number of Ghost Worlds that pass through them, and each of these Ghost Worlds exist in alternate dimensions which are referred to as universes. Alongside every piece of fiction. Suffice to say, the size of the setting is hard to fathom. At the very least it is what some would refer to as an omniverse or an ultimate ensemble. Possibly even larger than that once considering the megaflow, and the fact the other versions of the Skrayling Tree continue to persist in different time-fields. Ignoring that there is also the Wheel. The Lost Universe. The limbos, and the grey fees. The First Ether, and the Second Ether. Etc, etc, etc.

The most powerful characters are Lords of Law, and Lords of Chaos. They are known as the Lords of the Higher Worlds. Then above them are the likes of the Eternal Champions who exist to preserve the balance between them. Then there are the Dead Gods who are a match for the Lords of Chaos. The Lost Gods known as Kwll, and Rhynn who predate the multiverse. Who exist above the Lords of Law, and Lords of Chaos. Agak, and Gagak who like the Lost Gods are beyond the Lords of the Higher Worlds. King Silverskin who is the culmination of all of the Eternal Champions. The black swords across the multiverse. Which exist as the counterparts, and "partners" of the Eternal Champions. The Dragon Sword whose remains were used to create Stormbringer, and Mournblade. The Spammer Gain which is the true form of the Holy Grail which acts as the embodiment of the Second Ether, and the Original Insect which acts as the embodiment of the First Ether. The Grey Fees which hold sway over the entire multiverse. The Cosmic Balance which regulates the Grey Fees. The Warriors at the Edge of Time who are the Eternal Champions who have died. The immutable "fate" which drives the multiverse forward, and drags the heroes along towards uncertainty. 

In terms of reality warping, and the esoteric they have their bases covered. They are easily able to manipulate all the souls of people throughout entire planes as well.

As for speed it's generally immeasurable, and impossible to quantify. We have a whole host of characters being able to traverse the moonbeam roads. Which exist through, and into every sphere of the multiverse. Yet, people can literally walk to other universes. Somehow being able to cross infinite distances, and make their way across the entire multiverse by power walking.

As as whole it far above Dragonball Super, Castlevania, Saint Seiya, and many other franchises. It is even above the likes of Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

There is a detailed thread on the cosmology, and many characters here.

Supporters of the Series

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OBD Profiles

Character Profiles

- Elric of Melniboné

- Rackhir the Red Archer

- Dorian Hawkmoon

- Corum Jhaelen Irsei

- Rose Von Bek

- Oone the Dreamthief

- Jerry Cornelius

- Oswald Bastable

- Una Persson

- Arioch

- Quelch

- Kwll, and Rhynn

- Agak, and Gagak

- Three Who are One

- Four Who are One

- King Silverskin

- Onric Von Bek

- Oona Von Bek

- Ulric Von Bek

- Renard Von Bek

- Spammer Gain

- Original Insect

- Warriors at the Edge of Time

- Michael Moorcock

- The Jackal

- Baron Kalan


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