Karas cast
Karas cast

Background Information

The main plot of Karas centers around the confrontation between Otoha and Eko. Character interactions are mainly with yōkai and Mikuras. The opening features a battle between two Karas before the title sequence is shown. After Eko kills the unnamed karas, he announces his plan to remake Tokyo. The story then moves ahead three years, introducing Nue as he arrives in Shinjuku to free his brother from Eko, and Otoha, hospitalized due to heavy injuries sustained before the beginning of the series.

The early parts of the show proceed in a "mikura of the week" fashion as Otoha and Nue separately fight against Eko's minions.

When the Mikura attack hospitals across the city attempting to destroy Otoha's body, Otoha and Nue are forced work together to kill the weasel-like Kamaitachi. However, the spider-like Tsuchigumo, abducts Otoha's Yurine, depriving of him the power to turn into a Karas.

Standing in the Battledome

Karas is a quite powerful and hax verse.

Their abilities include: time manipulation, the ability to cut through yokai (elemental intangibles), hypersonic+ speed, close to city level destructive stats and other hax abilities.

Supporters of the Series

  • Abigail
  • Bilaal
  • Blade
  • Boomy
  • Garv
  • Grahf
  • Crimson Dragoon
  • Crimson King
  • Dandy Arrogance
  • Endless Mike
  • Fang
  • NMG
  • Sazabi24
  • Tranquil Fury
  • Ultimecia

Character Profiles

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