Amon the Darkside of Devilman Volume 1 cover
Volume 1 cover

Background Information

Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman also known as Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman is a manga spin off of the Devilman series from Go Nagai and it has 6 volumes.
The series is a re-telling of the last chapters of the series, but this time, Akira loses control of himself due to his sadness and depression from not being able to protect Miki, allows Amon to gain full control of Akira, and able to become Amon.

There is a OVA loosely based on the manga which goes in an entirely different direction shortly after Amon gains control of Akira Fudo.

Standing in the Battledome

The manga and the OVA are following different story paths but power wise the manga version is much superior.
Although, the OVA version is quite strong too since Amon and Devilman are easily hypersonic and at least multi city block level+.
Amon can casually survive explosions which cover large areas and can easily throw trains through a large skyscraper (and Akira overpowers Amon, in the final battle of the OVA), are some examples.
In the manga version, Amon reduced a significant portion of Japan into sludge and did the same to various other countries just by flying over them.

He also tanked multiple nuclear weapons powerful enough to evaporate away a large part of the Atlantic Ocean, to the point that it was vaporized all the way to the bottom, exposing Atlantis (Amon had sunk Atlantis) to the ocean floor.
Lord Zenon is in the same league in terms of durability, and he has the ability to warp space to trap someone in another dimension.

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