The Dark Tower
The linchpin of existence.

Background Information:

While this is technically about The Dark Tower series of 7 novels by Stephen King, the setting encompasses most of King's works as well as an infinite number of universes.

As an iconic modern horror writer, King's stories (many of which have been adapted to film) often feature regular humans (from Maine usually) facing extraordinary circumstances, including horror staples such as vampires, werewolves, unstable psychics, a demonic toy, vengeful ghosts, evil extradimensional clown monsters, or regular psychopaths.

There's also a successful comic adaptation from Marvel that expands on protagonist Roland's past and the setting (recently stated to have taken place in a different level of the Tower altogether). The upcoming film is currently stuck in some development hell.


Size of the Dark Tower Discussion

The Dark Tower:

The eponymous linchpin of space-time spawned from Gan's navel which is held up by six Beams. At the end of each Beam are two portals; each of which is governed by a Beam Guardian who have been assigned to protect the Beams by Gan himself. It has 600 floors each containing their own universes with the Crimson King, Ram Abbalah, locked at the very top of the Tower (partially why he wants to destroy it to begin with). Throughout the countless universes the Tower tends to take on multiple forms such as a black house from...Black House, a tiger and more. While initially being mystical in nature, the Imperium got foolish and greedy when they (under the guidance of Maerlyn) attempted to topple the Tower, first culminating in them replacing the existing Beams with mechanical replicas that could broken. Not to mention replacing all the doors to different universes and timelines with doors constructed through science. These actions, the former concerning the replacement Beams especially, resulted in large cracks in reality which lead to some of the primordial chaos of the Prim seeping through. That much was according to plan, but they didn't anticipate some of the monstrosities in between would be welcoming themselves in, leading to the Imperium creating mechanical replicas of the Beam Guardians to mend the magic of the Beams and later on start a self-destructive war. Nice job, guys.

The Rose:

A completely seperate, yet integral nexus of reality from the Dark Tower which is essential to the Tower's survival since it dying would result in the Tower collapsing. Can be found in the Keystone World's New York and has a limited capacity to heal, though in the hands of a reality warper like Patrick Danville it allows him to move a certain someone who was on a balcony outside of space-time into todash space.

The Prim:

The aforementioned primordial chaos that Gan and, by extension, the Dark Tower rose from. As the universes within the Dark Tower progressed, the Prim receded leading to some tough shit for the Lesser Entities that were stuck there. Some died, and some (like Maerlyn) adapted and survived. Worth noting that the Prim is filled with a lot of magical energy and that the Crimson King's plan boils down to collapsing the Tower and ruling over the Prim which would be the only thing that remains.

Todash Space:

The void between universes that's filled entirely with various monsters you don't want to get stuck with (ala The Mist). It is possible to go todash or travel universes (if Flagg and the Imperium didn't make that much obvious), but you're at risk of getting stuck in todash if you don't make it back to your reality. The Imperium also created a door under Castle Discordia which actually leads to todash space and which the Crimson King fully exploits whenever he feels like being a dick.

Standing in the Battledome:

From an obd perspective lies stuff such as an extra dimensional and psychotic being like Tak who gained reality warping powers, doomsday viruses like the Captain Trips superflu and the Red Death plague. Then there's Great Old Ones, an extremely advanced human civilizations from the future who mastered every form of modern science we know of and went on to fuse that science with magic to make what would have been impossible possible like making doorways to alternate universes and timelines, replacing the pillars of reality with their own mechanical replicas, and were even on their way to constructing their own Tower. There's also alien creatures like the Langoliers that constantly devour the past, a murderous sentient planet made of sand, one of twelve Guardian creatures who birthed a universe by accident and their polar opposites within the Tower's cosmology called Demon Elementals of which the true form of the famed Pennywise the Dancing Clown is apart of. Little Bald Doctors, aspects of death in the Tower that use death bags which attack the ka of their victims directly. And finally you have a omniversal evil figure in the Crimson King who functions as the malevolent side to the being who created reality, Gan.

Understandably, this verse can and will fuck your shit up.

Supporters of the series:

- Charcan
- Judas
- Nightbringer
- Roman

Character Profiles:

Original Ka-tet:

- Alain Johns
- Cuthbert Allgood
- Jamie De Curry
- Roland Deschain

Current Ka-tet:

- Donald Callahan
- Eddie Dean
- Jake Chambers
- Oy
- Sussanah Dean

Beam Guardians:

- Aslan the Lion
- Bat, The
- Dog, The
- Fish, The
- Elephant, The
- Garuda the Eagle
- Horse, The
- Maturin the Turtle
- Rabbit, The
- Rat, The
- Shardik the Bear
- Wolf, The

The White:

- Arthur Eld
- Gan
- Dinky Earnshaw
- Maerlyn
- Patrick Danville
- Stanley "Sheemie" Ruiz
- Stephen King
- Ted Brautigan

The Outer Dark:

- Crimson King
- Crimson Queen
- Dandelo
- Eldrad Jonas
- It
- John Farson
- Mordred Deschain
- Rhea of the Cöos
- Walter Padick

Miscellaneous Characters:

- Charlene McGee
- Tak

Faction/Civilization/Race Profiles:

- Great Old Ones
- Langoliers
- Little Bald Doctors
- Sombra Corporation
- Tet Corporation

Weapon/Artifact Profiles:

- Rose, The
- Sköldpadda
- Talisman, The
- Wizard's Rainbow
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