Now would be a good time to kneel.

Name: Crimson King, Los', Dis, Ram Abbalah, Big Red, Lord of Discordia, Lord of Spiders, Los the Red, Red Daddy, The Kingfish, Antichrist
Origin: The Dark Tower
Gender: Male
Classification: Ruler of the Red, The Random (fundamental force of reality)
Age: Unknown; likely around the age of Gan who predates the existence of the Dark Tower
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, stamina, and durability, shapeshifting, telekinesis, teleportation, time/dimension/universe travel, illusion creation, his Eye Black 13 can fling others to todash space, reality warping, causality manipulation (has protected some of his followers by making bullets fated to miss regardless of accuracy and caused random, dangerous events to interfere with Roland's quest), telepathy (capable of controlling hundreds of minds at once), weather/elemental manipulation, can create deadlines that kill people if they step over them, time manipulation (trapped Roland in a fistula of time making what seem like a single night on the inside culminated in 300 years passing on the outside; kept his Breakers preserved in an area where there was no time), can attack from higher planes of reality (and even in a last ditch effort managed to attack from the Tower's balcony which is situated outside of space-time altogether), technopathy, can utilize magical forces, acausality, precognition, matter transmutation, astral projection, possession, immortality (type 4), can view things from remote distances | Possesses all of the above and more
Weaknesses: Tends to be impulsive and arrogant
Destructive Capacity: At least city block level+ via powerscaling | Omniversal+ (stated to completely dwarf a person who acquired multiversal power and is explicitly noted to be the dark side of Gan)
Range: At least thousands of kilometers via powerscaling; abilities are additionally cross-dimensional | Omniversal+ (his mere presence is felt on almost all levels of the Tower in spite of his confinement)
Speed: Superhuman
Durability: At least city block level+ via powerscaling (his immortality makes him difficult to kill) | Omniversal+ (he can survive the Tower's collapse)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Superhuman
Stamina: Likely limitless
Standard Equipment: Wizard's Rainbow
Intelligence: Engaged in a long standing game of cosmic chess where he lead to the Tower being reduced to being supported by two artificial Beams, possesses extensive knowledge of the Tower's cosmology and is a master manipulator
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He is also an expert infant killer

Key: Los', the avatar of the Crimson King | Dis, the true Crimson King

Note: Not to be confused with the Former Crimson King from Samurai Deeper Kyo or the member with the same name