Walter Padick The Dark Tower
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Name: Walter Padick; Randall Flagg (most used and recognized alias), Walter O'Dim, Marten Broadcloak, The Dark Man, The Man In Black, The Walking Dude, The Magician, and many others
Origin: The Dark Tower
Gender: Male
Classification: Demon wizard/Agent of the Red/Terrorist/Drifter
Age: Thousands of years
Powers and Abilities: Magic: astral projections, control of animals, levitation, body possession, dimness (quasi-invisibility), clairvoyance, necromancy, telepathy, telekinesis, shapeshifting, elemental manipulation, technopathy, precognition, illusion creation, can invade dreams, can make people go insane with a look, can overwhelm people with his presence or smile, immortality (type 1), universe/time travel, transmutation and teleportation
Weaknesses: Arrogant and a megalomaniac
Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree level, planet level+ with prep (hands out btton boxes with the power to destroy the planet to those he deems worthy)
Range: Thousands of kilometers
Speed: Supersonic+ (reacted to bullets from Rolands guns and deflected them after they were fired)
Durability: Human w/superhuman resilience
Strength: Superhuman
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Depending on the time period: an executioner axe, Tarot cards, Great Old Ones technology like thinking caps (psi-shielding tech), the dark magic Necronomicon book, and Black 13 (a magic sphere with which he can communicate with the Crimson King)
Intelligence: Master manipulator, has advised kings and lawful/criminal groups in medieval, modern and futuristic societies at times leading whole civilizations to ruin, has vast knowledge of poisons and potion making, knows many languages from Earth and other universes
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Flagg is the character's most well known name even if it isn't his original one. If a character with the initials R.F. appears in a King book, chances are it's this guy.