Charlene McGee

Name: Charlene "Charlie" Roberta McGee
Origin: Firestarter (part of The Dark Tower verse)
Gender: Female
Classification: Human mutate
Age: 9
Powers and Abilities: Pyrokinesis, some telekinesis and precognition
Weaknesses: While she kept gaining experience with her powers, the more she channels the harder it is for her to keep it focused so she needs to direct it somewhere
Destructive Capacity: Large building+ by feats (she could casually create localized 30,000 ºC heat and flash carbonize humans, and blew up a government facility to the point it had to be blamed on a terrorist attack, Charlie still having power to spare) | While never confirmed, her potential was stated by the scientist responsible for her mutation as still growing in the future (since she could only produce small fires at first and her powers were linked to a gland that'd go into overdrive during puberty) to the point she would set off nuclear explosions with a thought and even crack the planet in half, while Charlie felt she could some day manipulate the Sun
Range: Dozens of meters
Speed: Human, with possible supersonic reflexes (she vaporized a bullet in mid-air)
Durability: Human, but seems resistant to high temperatures, her powers were passively shielding her from bullets
Strength: Average for a girl her age
Stamina: Human, but her pyrokinetic powers aren't dependent on her biological state (it was theorized she was channeling them from an unknown source, in The Dark Tower all psychic abilities are derived from the "touch" which has Gan as the ultimate source)
Standard Equipment: Nothing
Intelligence: Nothing notable
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