Tak the Dark Tower
Possessed deputy Collie Entragian

Name: Tak
Origin: Desperation and The Regulators (part of The Dark Tower mythos)
Gender: Male
Classification: Extra-dimensional demon
Age: Unknown, hundreds of years at least
Powers and Abilities: In Desperation: body possession (anything possessed by him dies immediately), supernatural senses (omnidirectional vision, could see through the eyes and senses of many animals at once, see through objects and feel the presence of God inside a kid), can command and communicate with animals through the language of the dead and telepathy, some telekinesis, can manipulate minds to some extent and doesn't feel pain. In The Regulators he had body possession (sharing consciousness with his host), telepathy (could manipulate people and broke someone's mind by calling out to him) and reality warping
Weaknesses: Can't act on the physical world without first possessing a living being wandering near the ini (well of the worlds), a dimensional opening where he's trapped inside a mine. In Desperation anything he possesses bloodily falls apart with time depending on size and health (a healthy human adult can last for several days), requiring him to swap bodies. In The Regulators he could only act through a kid with latent psychic powers, anyone else couldn't contain him and almost immediately exploded upon possession
Destructive Capacity: Street level+ (his attack on the town of Desperation killed everybody without letting anyone escape)
Speed: That of whatever he's possessing
Durability: Unknown, is non-corporeal (it's implied he has a true form trapped inside the ini at least in Desperation)
Strength: That of whatever he's possessing (plus a boost in Desperation, his hosts become physically bigger)
Standard Equipment: Nothing
Intelligence: Cunning but psychotic and bent on chaos
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

In Desperation:

- Can tahs (little gods in the language of the dead): Stone carvings imbued with part of Tak's essence that were littered around the ini. Anyone who touched them could become insane and be manipulated by Tak. That person would feel compelled to carry more can tahs and could also use them to try to manipulate others, but would eventually suffer a gory death after being separated from them

In The Regulators:

- Reality warping: Tak could manifest murderous versions of cartoon heroes he saw in TV, monstrous versions of real animals and create a pocket dimension that had a moon wearing a cowboy hat

Notable OBD Victories:

Notable OBD Losses:


- Desperation and The Regulators are mirror, separate universes to each other

- Tak's language of the dead is also spoken by some vampire nuns encountered by the hero of The Dark Tower

- Like Randall Flagg in The Stand, Pennywise in It and The Crimson King in general, Tak had a force of greater good subtly manipulating events against him in Desperation
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