Enforcer Star Ocean
An Enforcer headed towards Earth

Name: Enforcer(s)
Origin: Star Ocean: Till The End of Time
Gender: Unknown
Classification: Alien Lifeform
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, flight, energy blasts, can erase matter
Weaknesses: A special computer program designed to delete them
Destructive Capacity: Moon level (can reach Magnitude 4.5, Mag 4 is around 90 exaton, with a 1000x increase each range)
Range: 50,000 Light-years away, and through dimensions
Speed: FTL
Durability: At least large city level (sort of hard to gauge)
Strength: Class 100+ (based on sheer size)
Stamina: Likely infinite
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Likely everything related to the Milky Way Galaxy
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Capable of easily erasing battleships from existence (absolutely no traces leftover).
- Can create expanding energy spheres that engulf everything within range.

In-game dictionary terms:

Warp Speed (Scientific Term):

A method for calculating faster-than-light speed that expresses how much
distance an object in warp space traverses in relative normal space within
a given time. This figure is derived purely from the object's starting and
ending points in normal space, and has nothing to do with the actual speed
of the object itself. An object traveling at warp speed n can traverse (2n-1)
times the distance that light traveling in normal space can cover in the
same amount of time.

Enforcers can travel at Warp Speed 12.

Creation Energy (Scientific Term):

Creation Energy is a type of energy system that was discovered in the second half of the 4th century SD on Milokeenia. It didn't achieve any practical use until the first half of the 8th Century. The premise of Creation Energy is that energy in the imaginary number space can now be tapped for use in three-dimensional space. This results, in theory, an infinite amount of energy that can be produced. Engines and cannons using Creation Energy were developed by the Pangalactic Federation.

A direct hit from the Creation Cannon managed vaporize an Enforcer completely (Note: This does not mean that anything less powerful wouldn't kill/harm them).

Energy Magnitude (Scientific Term):

A unit created to express huge amounts of energy on the universal
scale, with magnitude 1 defined as the average total amount of energy
emitted by a star approximately the same size as Sol in one microsecond
(millionth of a second). In this notation, the amount of energy expressed goes up by a factor of
one thousand with each magnitude, so the energy indicated by magnitude
9 is one septillion (10 24) times the amount of energy indicated by
magnitude 1.

Enforcers can attack with Energy Magnitude 4+ destructive capabilities.

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