Too abnormal for you
Too abnormal for you

Name: Chirico Cuvie, "The Untouchable"
Origin: Armored Trooper VOTOMS
Gender: Male
Classification: Human (?), Overman, Abnormal Survivor, Ex-Soldier, Former Red Shoulder Battalion Member
Age: 16-20
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength and endurance, regeneration (low-mid, but it only works over the time), resistance to toxins and radiation, subconsciously manipulates his environment and probability to ensure his survival, rare flashes that appear to be precognition | Super strength, speed and durability, a limited range of sensors, telescopic visor, airtight design allows it to be used in space, flight via special equipment
Weaknesses: Chirico supposedly can still | Chirico tends to outlive his mechs, often requiring to steal or switch for a new one in the heat of extended battles
Destructive Capacity: Wall level+ | Small building level | Small building level, large building to city block level w/ heavy weapons, multi city block with GAT-35 Long Gun
Range: At least dozens of meters | At least a few kilometers, dozens of kilometers in space
Speed: Superhuman, hypersonic reactions (can jerk his neck away to barely bullet time against these) | Superhuman, hypersonic+ close combat speedFaster than the eye ground speed, hypersonic+ reactions and flight, massively hypersonic+ speed in space
Durability: Superhuman | At least superhuman, with serious injuries he can survive indirect nukes and explosions that destroy his mech | Building level
Lifting Strength: Peak human | Class 5 via powerscaling (matched Teitania) | Class 100
Striking Strength: Peak human | Class KJ+ via powerscaling | Class MJ
Stamina: Very large (can walk for half a day in Sunsa's desert with no food/water and only limited oxygen, can fight for days and shrugs off moderate wounds)
Standard Equipment: Red Melkian Pilot Suit, M571 Bauhauser Armor Magnum (high-caliber Anti-AT pistol 3 shots per magazine) | Depends on his mech
Intelligence: Veteran soldier with exceptional resourcefulness in battle. | Extremely skilled mecha pilot. Fought his way through and survived against hundreds of thousands of ATs and at other time he took on 250 ATs by his lonesome (or intended to).
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Abnormal Survivor: Chirico has the inexplicable ability to survive against all odds. When it's the matter of his survival Chirico always seems to make the right choice, sometimes nearly predicting what's going to happen next. When this isn't enough Chirico's mysterious power also subtly manipulates his surroundings and thus bring forth unlikely situations that aid his survival. This often includes the enemy suspiciously missing Chirico in spite of their best effort. Even when Chirico's injured he possess unnatural healing ability which over the time restores him to normal. Even when he suffers a lethal wound and supposedly dies, he will eventually return back to life. Albeit in spite of the obvious results, the process by which Chirico survives the dangers is always mysterious and barely noticeable. His ability is also limited to Chirico himself. Following Chirico may occasionally lead for a better chance of survival but not always. Also aside from something related to his survival Chirico tends to have a shitty luck.

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Key: Pre-Timeskip | Post-Timeskip | While piloting an Armored Trooper (generally the ATM-09 Scopedog)