Lesbopires galore!

Background Information

Nights of Azure is a Japanese action roleplaying game by Gust and KoeiTechmo published on Playstation 3, 4 & Vita and PC, released in 2015. The story is set centuries after the defeat of the Nightlord, who's blue blood covered the world and turned all it touched into fiends. Arnice and her lover Lillysse arrive on Rusewall Island, a hidden island in the North Sea, where Arnice is tasked by the Curia with protecting Lillysse, who's been chosen to become the next Saint and seal away the Nightlord for another 10 years, preventing the world from being covered in Eternal Night when a new moon appears in the sky. A sequel, Nights of Azure: Bride of the New Moon, was released in 2017, set several decades after the first game. The second game follows Aluche as she battles the Moon Queen and forms her own lesbian harem. It's very yuri.

Standing in the Battledome

Nights of Azure is a formidable setting in terms of both power and hax. Both the Nightlord and the Moon Queen are capable of casting the world in Eternal Night and absorbing it into the Demon World, and even lesser demons and fiends can control the phases of the moons. Elemental fiends like the fey types can create storms and earthquakes at a whim.

Pureblooded demons embody aspects of nature, such as the Nightlord who embodies Night, which doubles up as the plane from which all demons originate (which is said to be infinite in size). Bringing about the Eternal Night (which both Ludegert and Malvasia are capable of doing) causes people to fall into an endless sleep and the land affected to be absorbed into the demon world (the Night is also able to crystalise thoughts). Malvasia also possesses her own dimension which she created big enough to contain the Azure Moon in it. 

All pure-blooded demons are immortal and will always return after they're killed and some (in the case of Christophorus) get even stronger upon her resurrection. Demons also devour souls and can.take whichever form they desire, as well as teleport at will, including across dimensions. Certain characters like Ludegert and Liliana can even manipulate time.

The blue blood of demons creates fiends when it comes in contact with something. This includes people, animals, plants, objects, buildings, and even shadows. Certain fiends who retain their souls are called Servans, and can be summoned by Arnice in combat to aid with magical blastselemental attacks and becoming intangible.


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