Remo Williams
The Destroyer.


Name: Remo Williams, The Destroyer
Origin: The Destroyer
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Reigning Master of Sinanju, The Dead Night Tiger, Aspect of Shiva | Immortal God
Age: In his eighties but appears much younger due to his mastery of ki-ai which has basically frozen him in his early thirties, and he is still in his prime despite his advanced age | As ancient as the universe itself, and possibly predates it by a good measure
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility, enhanced senses (all of his five senses are greatly improved upon), extra-sensory abilities (can sense subtle vibrations, murderous intent and where it is coming from, pressure, electricity, magnetic fields, radiation, neutrons, microscopic organisms, and every other sort of energy that exists in the universe), has complete control over his body down to the cellular level, can draw on more energy from the universe and weld it with his own energy by utilizing his spirit breath techniques, immortality (Type 1, 3 and 4), regeneration (Low-Godly, so long as Shiva continues to exist he will be resurrected), resistant to poisons and diseases, resistant to rapid aging, resistance to possession (Shiva will forcibly eject any foreign entities or deities from his body), can filter out deadly nerve toxins, can destroy the mitochondria inside of someone's cells, can use high-speed friction to make people or inanimate objects melt and spontaneously combust, can walk on water, can walk up walls, can glide through the air and ride solar winds, levitation and flight, can manipulate life-forces and death-forces, can manipulate atoms and molecules in order to phase through them or make them magically disappear, can reduce people or objects to vapor by manipulating their atoms and molecules, can vibrate so quickly that he can cancel out the vibrations of someone who is oscillating so quickly they can pass through matter, can communicate with others telepathically, telekinesis, clairvoyance and remote viewing, can erase someone's memories and give people amnesia with pressure points, can relieve pain or heal injuries with pressure points, can induce extreme pain or complete paralysis by squeezing particular nerve clusters, can accelerate the rigomortis process in a person's body, can forcibly make abstract entities or intangible wraiths become solid before transmuting them into stone, can be active in places where time or space do not exist and transcend the need for them, has a large plethora of techniques that can instantly kill or knock out his opponents, and a master martial artist | resistance against reality warping, reality warping, possession, soul manipulation, cosmic awareness, and banishment
Weaknesses: A neutron bomb can be deadly against him due to the immense amount of radiation it produces. However, he is so fast that he can simply outrun the expanding radiation field. | None.
Destructive Capacity: At least galaxy level, the combined power of the previous hundred Masters of Sinanju could twirl around a countless number of galaxies and he is noted to be the greatest master of sinanju in the last five-thousand years| Universal, and can both destroy and recreate the universe
Range: At least galaxy level, and his telepathy extends past that all the way across the universe | Universal, and able to sense things happening on Earth from the center of the universe
Speed: At least MFTL, can run circles around neutrons from a neutron bomb, he can move faster than Chiun who can disarm plastic explosives after they have already been detonated by moving faster than the electrical signal before it can reach the satchel charges and also disable two of said satchel charges himself, he can intercept the return stroke of a lightning bolt, easily dodge lasers from light-based weaponry, and can match the frequency of the Krahseevah which can mimic quantum tunneling and phase through matter by vibrating trillions of times per millisecond | MFTL, can zip between the center of the universe and the netherworld in the span of a few seconds
Durability: At least galaxy level, he can survive getting repeatedly hit by The Dutchman's psychokinesis and survive attacks from other Masters of Sinanju. In the event that he is killed? Shiva will consider it a personal challenge, and appear before anyone facing him. After which he will resurrect Remo Williams. | Universal
Lifting Strength: Class Y | Class Universal
Striking Strength: 
Class XJ | Class Universal
Stamina: Superhuman, basically limitless so long as he can breathe (and even then he can go without oxygen for long periods of time in excess of seven hours) | Inexhaustible 
Standard Equipment: Usually just relies on his bare hands.| His lingham.
Intelligence: He is extremely intelligent, and has mastered nearly every aspect of sinanju. He is aware of all the pressure points a human being has. A master chiropractor, and can realign any creature's skeletal system with expert precision. He has perfected his ki-ai, or spirit breathing. Which allows him to both filter gases or poisons, and draw on energy from the universe itself. He has decades of experience fighting every sort of enemy imaginable, and nothing surprises him anymore. | As old as the universe, if not more so. He is familiar with all of history, and has been there for everything. He is heavily implied to have had a hand in making sinanju, and knows of everything that makes up the cosmology of the universe.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Flying Hawk: An advanced form of Flying Wall which works not only over large bodies of water but also solid ground. It allows Remo Williams to levitate and fly.
  • The Flapping Duck: A technique meant to be used against deities and abstracts. It forces anything that is intangible in the sense that they are a concept or idea to take on a tangible state, and then transmutes the recipient into stone. Things like gods or devils made real by belief in them but intangible and immune to even attacks meant to be used against spirits or ghosts. Hence, why this technique is necessary to defeat them.
  • Death Grip: By hyper-accelerating the rigor mortis process a master of sinanju can instantly kill someone.
  • Hydrostatic Shock: By manipulating vibrations and pressure waves Remo Williams can destroy all of the mitochondria in someone's body. Which instantly kills them.
  • Ki-Ai: Also known as the spirit breath. It gives him access to an endless reservoir of energy to utilize, and exploit. It expands his senses, and awarness as well. Allowing him to sense every type of energy in the universe, and manipulate it. This to the point that he can rearrange atoms and molecules. This has several different uses ranging from phasing through matter, making matter magically disappear, and vaporizing matter. It also allows him to use telepathy, and telekinesis to some extent.
  • Illuminating the Shadow: A technique that allows him to divinate the location and identity of a target.
  • Emptying Basin: A technique that induces selective amnesia on a target. Remo Williams can pick and choose which memories he can erase from someone's mind.
  • Fallen Petal: By manipulating the life-forces and death-forces inside of someone's body he can reprogram them. It's basically an advanced form of brainwashing.

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You really don't want to get on Remo William's bad side. He might just give you a taste of his lingham. You can find a compilation of various feats for Remo Williams here.

Remo Williams -- Shiva, the Destroyer

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