My Little Pony OBD
A Real Powerful Verse Hiding Under a Girly Exterior


Background Information


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is the fourth generation in the My Little Pony franchise. It is a slice-of-life cartoon that follows Twilight Sparkle and her friends; Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, learning about the magic of friendship. Time and time again their friendships have been tested by numerous villains; often defeating them with the ancient Elements of Harmony, making new friends along the way. 


This generation of My Little Pony has gone on for 8 seasons so far, and is currently undergoing into its ninth and final season. Despite initially starting out for young girls, the show has unexpectedly attracted a large number of male and female fans of all ages, causing its popularity to explode.


Standing in the Battledome


My Little Pony is a deceptively powerful verse in spite of its initial appearance. Fodder tier characters have feats varying from wall to small building class. As we go higher in the tiers, the power jumps to island-country level stats beginning with Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom and multiple storm creation feats. Going into the top tiers the power jumps massively as we encounter alicorns such as Celestia and Luna who are able to move the sun at incredible speeds, reaching KiloFoe levels of power. Twilight Sparkle; though having no feats of moving the sun by herself, has sparred evenly with characters such as Sombra who required the efforts of Luna and Celestia to defeat. Characters such as Starlight, Cadance and Starswirl have in turn demonstrated comparable or even superior power to Twilight. Beyond Celestia and Luna you have characters such as Queen Chrysalis fed with a plethora of love, who has shown superior power to that of Celestia. Then we have Discord, who is able to move the sun and moon at insane speeds and is an all-out reality warper, effortlessly able to defeat both Celestia and Luna at once. After them we have the Elements of Harmony, which is shown to be able to defeat all of these characters. The Pony of Shadows is also a powerful foe, being able to take the full might of the Elements of Harmony. We then have people of even greater strength, like Sunset Shimmer, who harnesses the power of the Elements for herself. Even further beyond these characters is Lord Tirek, who matched the power of all 4 Alicorns after taking the magic of every other pony in Equestria, and even Discord, putting him into small galaxy ranges of power. Later on he doubles his power after adding the alicorn magic to his own. Then you have the Rainbow Power, which completely tanked Tirek's attacks, and stomped him at the peak of his power.  Above even that is The Dazzlings, who at their peak, were able to overpower the McGuffins to replace the Elements: Rainbow Power, which defeated Tirek with ease. When Rainbow Power was upgraded, it defeated even The Dazzlings.

As far as speed goes, My Little Pony has some also has some fairly good feats going for it. Mid tier characters like Rainbow Dash have multiple instances of dodging cloud based lightning at close range, with the best of these feats putting her; and those scalable, at over mach 1758. And the high to top tiers are back-scaled to massively FTL from the Storm King, who was able to move the sun at tens of thousands of times faster than light with the might of 4 alicorns.  All in all, My Little Pony is not a verse you want to underestimate. It is surprisingly powerful for a verse most people see as a show for little girls.

A list detailing the calculations for the aforementioned statistics can be found here.


Supporters of the Series

  • Adamant Soul
  • Volt Manta
  • Lightbuster30
  • Neruc
  • FoxtheFox1000
  • Shiba D. Inu


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


-Chancellor Neighsay
-Rainbow Dash
-Daring Doo
-Flash Magnus
Earth Ponies
-Pinkie Pie
-Big Macintosh
-Maud Pie
-Mage Meadowbrook
The Changelings
-Queen Chrysalis
-King Thorax
Other Creatures
-Lord Tirek
-The Storm King
-The Pony of Shadows
-The Mean Six
-The Elements of Harmony
-The Tree of Harmony
-Rainbow Power
-The Crystal Heart
-The Staff of Sacanas
-The Alicorn Amulet
Equestria Girls
-Sunset Shimmer
-Midnight Sparkle
-Gloriosa Daisy
-The Dazzlings

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