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Background Information

A popular and long-running manga by Kazushi Hagiwara. Like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, it contains a lot of heavy metal references. The protagonist is Dark Schneider, a horny wizard who becomes incredibly powerful in the later parts of the manga. Since Bastard!! wasn't translated in English for a long time, lots of rumors floated around the internet claiming that Dark Schneider was way more powerful than he actually was. Bastard!! is another favorite target of the Phenom brigade, but, as usual, they rely on ignoring the evidence and outright lies to berate it.

It should be noted that it has breathtaking art. And yes, the !! is part of the title.

A great, yet sadly very underrated manga with a badass main character, amazing artwork, creative world building, awesome fights, and a plot that slowly is revealed to be something far more epic and complex than it initially seems. You can get a hold of it here.

There is also an OVA (non-canon) made a long time ago. Fun fact - the voice actors for Dark Schneider and Arshes Nei are married.


Standing in the Battledome

Bastard!! verse is really powerful.

The verse has feats consisting of light speed, FTL and massively FTL speeds as well, at least planet level+ to galaxy level firepower and durability, a God that created the universe, and lots of broken defensive and offensive powers.

Even mid tier characters like the like Ede Ee, a non-corporeal country buster, are broken.

Overall, Bastard!! is one of the strongest manga verses, casually stronger than the likes of Dragon Ball Part 2.

The series becomes subject to enormous leaps in power.

The characters in the early part of the series where around One Piece level to planet busters and generally much higher as the series went on.

The OVA universe is only city level but the city level feat is exclusive to Kal Su. OVA Dark Schneider is only small town level.

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Character Profiles


Main Character


Dark Schneider


Riders Of Havoc


Abigail Arshes Nei Gain Esperanza Kal Su Ninja Master Gara


Abigail's Army


Lynch Vivian


Allies of DS






Gabriel Michael Raphael Uriel


Fallen/Former Angel




Satan and his 7 Demon Kings


Asmodeus Astaroth Baal Beelzebub Belial Bilt
Paimon Satan


Generalissimo of Satan's Army


Porno Diane


Various Monstrosities


Anthrax Ede Ee




Dai Amon






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