Countdown to Apocalypse
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Background Information

Superhuman is a series that recently went into publication as of 2018, and which has been seeing frequent additions as of late. Unlike George RR. Martin we see that Evan Currie is actually able to sit down, and write every once in a while. There are three novels in the series so far but that is likely to change as the writer has a habit of writing a new book every year (and in the case of the first two novels one book every couple of months). The series centers around a sort of extradimensional group of aliens known as The Convergence, and the machine intelligence that serves them. They have set out to eradicate a disease throughout the galaxy, and possibly the universe known as "life." This is what leads us to our main character. Alexander "Corwin" Hale. A former marine who became part of one of their schemes which backfired. Since the nearest battle-force was nowhere near Earth? A probe that found the life infesting one of their creations decided to discretely eradicate it. Since it was lacking a lot of the weapons their battleships have? It decided that the best way to annihilate life on Earth was through anarchy, and exploiting life's self-destructive behavior. It found and located individuals with a high capacity for violence and aggression. Then it experimented on them. As a result granting a whole host of alien abductees super-powers. Well, provided that they survived the experiments. After which it let them loose, and waited to see what would happen.

Naturally, things didn't go as planned and while many of the subjects that were experimented on used their abilities in selfish or violent ways? Not all of them did, and Alexander Hale was one such outlier. Alongside many other people like himself. Now it rests upon the shoulders of these few unusual specimens to stop the anarchy, and bring order to a world in turmoil. Before they are all destroyed when the battle-fleet finally arrives.

So far, the books in chronological order are as follows:

1: Superhuman

2: Countdown to Apocalypse

3: Semper Fi

Standing in the Battledome

There is currently a huge discrepancy between The Convergence, and Earth. The Convergence is capable of inter-stellar travel, traveling into other dimensions, creating battleships that can atomize planets or collapse stars, and creating trillions of stars throughout the universe. As well as being capable of advanced genetic manipulation, and understanding of the "life disease."

The life-disease itself is responsible for creating life across the galaxy, and it has stubbornly refused to die. The many attempts of The Convergence to eradicate it failing. It is extremely adaptive, and even able to hack into their technology. Besides organic life? It can even infect planets, and stars.

Earth on the other hand is generally the same as it is in reality with the biggest difference being the introduction of super-humans in the populace. Which range from abnomally faster or stronger than normal to basically being capable of taking over the entire world if they wanted to. Since in those cases thermonuclear weaponry is useless against them, and they can hit harder than it. Their abilities vary greatly, and are unique to each individual. They are generally derived from some sort of psionic or psychic ability. Which in some cases can even mimic or be mistaken for magic. Not to say that there is any magic. Just things that are indistinguishable from it. However, a common ability is their healing factor. Which they all seem to have.  

As as whole they are above the likes of the HST. However, if you exclude the Convergence?

Then they are alongside the likes of Baki or History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.


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