Background Information

Remnant: From the Ashes is a videogame developed by Gunfire Games. The same people behind Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, and Darksiders III. It revolves around earth a hundred years after an apocalyptic event. Namely, the invasion of the root and their ilk. Which has reduced humanity to a few stragglers hiding within underground bunkers known as wards. That's when the player character gets involved. They have been sent on a mission to destroy the source of this invasion, and banish the root from earth. On this quest to the mysterious atoll which has been barred by an unusual storm? They become shipwrecked, and they are saved by the people of Ward 13. That's where their journey begins as they discover more about the dreamers, and the experiments involved with them which opened a gateway for the root to invade earth. Through the use of the red crystals, and the discovery of the labyrinth? They discover that reality is actually a multiverse consisting of a core world, and an infinite number of divergent worlds. The keeper of the labyrinth has only just barely been able to hold back the tide, and the root have cosumed nearly every parallel world. It's up to the player character to save earth from a similar fate. Since if the core world falls? So, does every remaining world.

Best described as Dark Tower: The Videogame, or Warframe: This Time With Gameplay. It is a dedicated third person shooter with some serviceable melee. It's espeacially enjoyable with a friend... if you're a chicken. Otherwise, for those not lacking a pair of balls? The lone wolf experience is the best.

Standing in the Battledome

Remnant: From the Ashes is decently powerful. It's a huge multiverse consisting of infinite number of parallel worlds. Most of which have been consumed, and assimilated by the root. There is advanced technology on some worlds like Rhom. Which allows their civilization to collapse a celestial body into a neutron star so dense that it's almost a black hole. Then take the matter from said neutron star to forge armor, and weapons. Which they can even fire at their enemies with hand-held particle accelerators. Not to mention the alternate firing mechanism which allows said particle accelerators to fire black holes at people. As well as having access to weapons that can reduce entire worlds to barren deserts.

As for the characters themselves? They range from being benign or barely superhuman to being so blatantly superhuman that they can block projectiles from said particle accelerators firing pieces of neutron star material at them. Once you are looking at anyone worth the cut of their jib? They have lightspeed reactions, and reflexes. As well as being durable enough to no sell attacks that can destroy countries. Anyone that made contact with a red crystal is functionally immortal, and can respawn. There is also a varied amount of weapon mods that conjure a whole host of supernatural effects for the recipient. 

The more powerful characters like the Dreamer have extremely powerful telepathy, and are connected to hive-minds spanning the entire multiverse.

Whereas characters like the Nui are extremely resistant against both mind control, and assimilation. 

As a whole the setting is above the likes of the HST. However, that's due more to sheer numbers and the esoteric. In terms of firepower, and durability? They are at least above One Piece.


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