Divinity: Original Sin II
Be careful of existential questions, espeacially if you're a skeleton.

Background Information

Divinity is a series of western role-playing games by Larian Studios (who have basically eclipsed Obsidian Entertainment in the RPG department). Their first game being Divine Divinity. That set itself apart from other CRPGs at the time by employing no real class system, and allowing a player to freely choose between numerous branches in order to fashion their own character in their image. Rather than sticking to one or two particular classes, and whatever limitations they have. The series is known for not taking itself too seriously, and often pokes fun at the fantasy genre. Simply put, it's a series for people who like to have fun. Their games have only improved with every new entry (Beyond Divinity being the only exception, almost everyone hates that one). All of the games are set in the world of Rivellon. A place rife with a magic known as source, and where the gods have many secrets to hide.

In chronological order, as according to the events in the time-line, the entries are as follows:

1. Dragon Commander

2. Divinity: Original Sin

3. Divine Divinity

4. Beyond Divinity (however, most people like to pretend it doesn't exist)

5. Divinity II: Ego Draconis

6. Divinity: Original Sin II

Standing in the Battledome

They are exceptionally powerful. Having access to a wide plethora of magic, with numerous different uses. The most powerful masters of source are outright reality warpers. Who present a threat to entire universes, and who are capable of destroying all of history. In terms of speed they are no slouches either with primordial entities like the Void Dragon who is able to quickly fly out of universes it destroyed in the span of a few seconds. The Weaver of Time is responsible for creating all of time, and space. Astarte, who is the source of all magic in the universe. Lucian the Divine who is able to hold back the Void which wishes to destroy the universe. The Guardians who act as wardens for the Void Dragon's prison. The Godwoken who has in effect replaced Lucian the Divine, and Astarte. The God King who now acts as the avatar of the Void, and Braccus Rex who was once the Source King. The dragons are no slouches either, and are responsible for creating the celestial bodies in the universe.

There are also mutiple time-lines. At least three representing the past, present, and future. As well as numerous other dimensions like Nemesis, and the Hall of Echoes. To say nothing of all the chaotic realms that demons hail from.

As a whole they are above the likes of Darkstalkers.

Supporters of the Series

  • Gwyn
  • Papa Nier

OBD Profiles

Character Profiles

- Lucian the Divine

- Damian the Damned

- The Dragon Knight

- The Dragon Commander

- The Guardians

- The Godwoken

- Weaver of Time

- The God King

- The Seven

- The Patriarch 

- Void Dragon

- Astarte

- Braccus Rex

- Maxos

- Zandalor

- Bellegar

- Jahan