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The three main characters of Honkai Impact 3rd in order: Bronya Zaychik, Kiana Kaslana, and Mei Raiden.


Background Information (spoilers)

Honkai Impact 3rd is a mobile game developed by miHoYo, a Chinese studio. Its story, while spanning thousands of years is primarily set in 2016 and follows a group of mostly female warriors also known as Valkyries and their battle against Honkai, a force that mysteriously appeared one day and whose goal is the extinction of humanity itself. The battle has been fought for tens of thousands of years, with humanity almost being wiped out 50,000 years ago. The game is centered around Kiana Kaslana (i.e. Siren), also known as K423 (because she's a clone of the original Kiana Kaslana whose whereabouts are presently unknown to the player), a B-rank Valkyrie formerly of Schicksal against powerful Honkai known as Herrschers as well as other organizations that, while aiming to control or eliminate the Honkai, conflict with Kiana and her group for various reasons. 


This game has no relation to the very similar GunGirl Z (Houkai Gakuen 2) or Houkai Gakuen I. While many characters may appear in the other works, it is in no way connected to them. You do not need to play them to understand this game. The series has one canon that is told across the mobile game, official comics, and the visual novels. Sadly, the visual novels are not in any rush to be translated, but official (and free) translations of the comics come out regularly and the game itself is free-to-play. 

Standing in the Battledome

The series itself is quite powerful, though it is relatively weak compared to its peers. The strongest characters are large star level and large star level+ due to numerous black holes feats in the series. It also has decent, albeit slow for its tier, speed, which ranges from at minimum massively hypersonic to relativistic in terms of attack and combat speed. Weaker characters fall comfortably into multi-city block level range for power and durability. The series contains quite a bit of hax as well such as spatial manipulation and time manipulation. Overall, in a speed equal scenario, it would do well against stronger verses but is placed in an awkward place if it isn't. 

A list of feats can be found here, and a series of calculations can be found here.

OBD Profiles

Character Profiles


Kiana Kaslana (K423) Mei Raiden Bronya Zaychik Himeko Murata Fu Hua Theresa Apocalypse
Bianka "Durandal" Ataegina Rita Rossweisse Kallen Kaslana Cecilia Schariac Li Sushang Reanna Brigantia
Ana Schariac Wendy        


obdwiki honkai impact 3rd ana schariac obdwiki honkai impact 3rd owl
HIMEKO 14th Herrscher (Previous Era) Sirin Wendy Ana Schariac Owl
obdwiki honkai impact 3rd hua obdwiki honkai impact 3rd herrsscher of dominance
Hua Herrscher of Dominance Elysia Kiana Kaslana (K423) Mei Raiden Bronya Zaychik
Welt Joyce Welt Yang/Young        


Otto Apocalypse  Bianka "Durandal" Ataegina Rita Rossweisse Cecilia Schariac Li Sushang Kallen Kaslana
Reanna Brigantia Ana Schariac Wendy      


Welt Joyce Welt Yang/Young Lieserl Albert Einstein Frederica Nikola Tesla Sin Mal Cocolia

World Serpent

Kevin Kaslana Gray Serpent Jackal Raven Owl Mei Raiden

A Post-Honkai Odyssey

Unnamed Protagonist Carole Peppers Mei Raiden Bronya Zaychik Timido Cute Lyle Collodi


obdwiki honkai impact 3rd elysia
Elysia  Kevin Kaslana Fu Hua Sakura Mobius Aponia
Vill-V Eden Kalpas Pardofelis Kosma Griseo


Otto Apocalypse Seele Vollerei Siegfried Kaslana Yae Sakura Benares