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Sirin, the second Herrscher of the current era, and, in a way, the main character of the series


Name: Sirin
Origin: Honkai Impact 3rd
Gender: Female
Classification: First Herrscher of the Void. Herrscher of Void and Reason
Age: 13
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, flight, can survive without oxygen, telepathy, can create dimensions, can create portals to cross large distances (17 KM), reality warping, can phase herself and weapons through solid objects (there are no physical counters to her attacks because her weapons are made in "imaginary space"), barrier creation, mind manipulation (Fenghuang Down), can regenerate organs, fire manipulation, earth manipulation, wind manipulation, summoning, gravity manipulation
Weaknesses: Relies on brute strength rather than tactics | Nothing notable | Nothing notable
Destructive Capacity: Large star level+ (stronger than Welt Yang, who can create black holes that require that much energy, in addition to much weaker characters that can do the same) | Large star level+ (has multiple cores and gems to boost her power) | Large star level+ (much stronger than Herrscher Mei and Welt clones, possesses two Herrscher cores)
Range: A few dozen meters with standards attacks, 17 kilometers with teleportation | Millions of meters (can throw rocks from the far side of the moon onto Earth)
Speed: At least superhuman+, likely much faster; has sub-relativistic reactions (can keep up with Welt Yang, who use his flight to get away from her own despite the fact that she can throw meteors at such speeds) | At least superhuman+, likely much faster; FTL short range movement speed (could move their arm in and out of a black hole but could not fully escape it) | At least superhuman+, likely much faster; has at least FTL short range movement
Durability: Large star level via powerscaling (should be more durable than characters like Durandal and Welt Yang) | Large star level+ (can take hits from Siegfried after he uses to Activators, Welt Yang believed that unleashing a supernova in front of her would only have less than a 1% chance of killing her) | Large star level+
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+ via powerscaling, likely much higher (she has much greater Honkai energy than characters at this level)
Striking Strength: Superhuman+ via powerscaling, likely Class XTJ (she has much greater Honkai energy than characters at this level)
Stamina: Very high (able to fight against many foes back to back)
Standard Equipment: Houses 5 cores and gems inside of her body, including the gems of conquest, desire, serenity, and haste | Has the Gem of Serenity and the Gem of Conquest
Intelligence: Very intelligent (learned a vast amount information about the ancient advanced civilization of humans, including their science and the art of battle)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Infinite Corridor: Siren is able to trap people in a dimension which reflects the attributes of a complex Riemannian manifold.

Notable OBD Victories:

Notable OBD Losses:

- Remo Williams (The Destroyer) - Remo WIlliams Profile


Sirin, Herrscher of Void and Reason


 Sirin, Herrscher of the Void, possessing Kiana's body

Herrscher of the Void | Herrscher of Void and Reason (with 5 cores and connection to God) | Possessing Kiana's body