The Grand Regent with his children


Name: Thragg, The Grand Regent
Origin: Image Comics (Invincible)
Gender: Male
Classification: Viltrumite, Grand Regent
Age: At least 1000+
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, can survive in the vacuum of space, immortality (type 1), regeneration (mid-low), skilled hand-to-hand fighter, flight/levitation, telepathy via the highly advanced transmitter in his ear
Weaknesses: The Scourge Virus, Viltrumites' ability to fly is achieved by the complex equilibrium through their inner ear so if it is attacked or damaged it can disrupt the ability and cause them real harm
Destructive Capacity: At least planet level+ (is one of the strongest Viltrumites ever, and one of the strongest characters in the entire series, has defeated Nolan with moderate ease, killed Thaedus, states that even Conquest fears him [which would be proven true based on his feats against other characters])
Range: Melee, higher via generating indirect shockwaves
Speed: Massively FTL (comparable to Invincible and Nolan)
Durability: At least planet level+ (comparable to Invincible, Nolan, and Thaedus who went headfirst through the weakened Viltrumite home planet, also fought Invincible on the surface of and in the heart of the sun for an extended period of time)
Lifting Strength: At least Class G+, likely higher (is one of the strongest characters in the series)
Striking Strength:
Class XJ+ (can easily put his fist through Nolan's abdomen and beatdown Invincible)
Stamina: Massively superhuman+ (Viltrumites can survive what would normally be life-ending injuries, they can also hold their breath for days to even weeks)
Standard Equipment: His transmitter earpiece
Intelligence: Highly skilled warrior (was raised since birth to be the absolute apex of the Viltrumite race), competent leader (has been leading the remnants of the Viltrumite race for at least hundreds of years and has enacted galaxy-wide rule with such sparse numbers)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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