It's Battle Beast. What more do you need to know?


Name: Battle Beast, real name is Thokk, Scourge of the Twin Galaxies
Origin: Image Comics (Invincible)
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien (species name unknown), Temporary ally of the Coalition of Planets
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, can survive the vacuum of space for an extended amount of time, immortality (type 1), regeneration, skilled hand-to-hand fighter, skilled with various forms of weaponry, telepathy via the highly advanced transmitter in his ear
Weaknesses: Is very battle thirsty and will not take advantage of his opponent's weaknesses even willing to go as far as injuring himself if it'll even out the playing field
Destructive Capacity: Planet level+ (has defeated Invincible in the past, can kill Ragnars [which are threats to Viltrumites], can fight multiple Viltrumites at once and still demand more, fought an injured Thragg for days making him lose consciousness after their fight [said fight required Thragg to rest for days])
Range: Melee to extended with his various weapons
Speed: Massively FTL (can keep up with Thragg)
Durability: Planet level+ (endured numerous strikes from Thragg in their days-long fight)
Lifting Strength: At least Class G+, likely higher
Striking Strength:
Class XJ+ (capable of shredding Thragg with his claws and teeth)
Stamina: Massively superhuman+ (can fight with what would normally be life-ending injuries similarly to Viltrumites, was stuck frozen in the void of space for an extended period of time, capable of fighting for days)
Standard Equipment: Various weapons such as a mace, a large broadsword, a warhammer, etc, his transmitter earpiece
Intelligence: Highly skilled warrior (lives for the thrill of battle and is one of the deadliest fighters in the entire Invincible-verse, even comparable to the battle prowess of Viltrumites)
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