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Name: Ragna Nidhogg, Kujou Haruto (name of his original existence), Godslayer, Martyr of Hope/Light, "Evil Dragon", “Magatsu-no-kami” | Ragna Skyfield, Mizuchi-no-Susanoo, “Raguemon”
Origin: Silverio Ragnarok
Gender: Male
Classification: Esperanto, Programmer, Yamato's Messenger, Ancestor (although imperfect one), Mercenary of Antalya Union, Persona of Kujou Haruto, researcher | Planetes, Sphere, “Human”
Age: 10 years old
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman characteristics, enhanced senses, limited reality warping, high-dimensional interference (orichalcum and axion act as a medium towards high-dimensional energy and draws it without waste upon phase transition and can break connection with other dimensions through his Asterism), can change others into Apostles, immortality (type 2), healing, energy manipulation, his unnatural spirit can literally break common sense causing him to evolve without limits, can connect with Sphere Riser to increase his physical abilities, master swordsmanship (can fight on equal grounds with William) | All of the previous abilities + reality warping, high-level information manipulation, dimensional travel, regeneration (at least high-mid, implied to be around low-godly), matter manipulation and creation, possibility manipulation, infinite processing capacity
Weaknesses: He can only bring out true quality of his Asterism together with Misaki and it can only be used at 0 distance, Glenfarth von Veratyr - because they’re personas of the same origin, Kujou Haruto, they’re always connected and wounds carved on Glen will be reflected on his own body, increasing his power will also proportionally boost Glen and since he’s on the “slave side” (due to being Yamato’s error terminal) he can’t regenerate his wounds | He’s unable to fully reproduce or create abilities that deviate from domain of technology, such as high-dimensional laws
Destructive Capacity: At least multi-city block level+ on his own (in pure power he’s comparable to Jace and can awaken to increase his output even further), island level+ with Misaki (his clash with Glenfarth wiped village without a trace, it can offset Izana’s Asterism and it’s literally powered by the same nuclear reactor which caused Catastrophe), far higher with prep time (she and Ragna were able to create virus which countered immortality of Ancestors and erased their physical bodies) | Solar system level+, likely far higher (his army of Amenokurato was generating enough energy to destroy solar system and their clash with Glenfarth’s own army was eroding galaxy, collision of Neutrino Magnum and Gaia Device Accelerator scraped away universe of singularity, that’s even before he kept on awakening on physical, spiritual and mental sides), possibly universe level (he was able to produce new and improved Amaterasu)
Range: 0 distance with his Asterism (it must be used at point-blank range), otherwise extended human melee with his sword and several meters with crystalization | Solar system level+ (was able to process information beyond solar system range), possibly universal (he was able to create Amaterasu, although its sphere of influence is a bit ambiguous), cross-temporal/dimensional
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (was able to evade Rufus’ lightning strikes by letting them touch his skin and immediately respond) | Lightspeed to FTL reactions (he's able to process information at the speed of light and at one point his computation reached near infinity)
Durability: Large building level+, although he can ignore most injuries with his spirit | At least island level+ (it depends on what he can create), most likely solar system level+ (considering he can create Degenerate Star means that Ragna can negate it as well)
Lifting Strength: At least Class 50 (boulders of several meters in diameter are like baseballs to him) | Higher
Striking Strength: At least Class GJ+ (after awakening he was able to hack combat specialized Amenokurato to pieces), at least Class PJ+ with his Asterism | Higher
Stamina: Pretty huge (when he doesn't use his Asterism he can fight for a pretty long time, however Silverio Fimbulvetr devours his stamina pretty fast) | Infinite
Standard Equipment: Orichalcum ZWEIHANDER
Intelligence: Combat and scientific genius, taught by Dainsleif to use any means available to win, Ragna isn’t afraid to fight dirty; in pure swordsmanship he can fight equally against prodigy such as William; after regaining his memories and creating Sphere, Misaki and Ragna effectively became the smartest humans in the Old and New Ages, he can process information at the speed of light or even beyond that, the amount of data swirling inside his brain was enough create blueprints for technology one hundred million years in the future and evaporate Ouka’s spirit who was unable to bear it, can manage trillion tasks simultaneously to control tens of thousands of Amenokurato and much more
Notable Attacks/Techniques:



- Silverio Fimbulvetr: Ragna's Asterism, astral crystalization ability, manufacture type. Starlight which creates weapon of demise, armament carrying fate of Ancestor destruction. "Godslayer" never seen before in millennium of New Age. It’s a culmination of maneuverability, or rather, precise creativity. By receiving supply of astral from Misaki, Ragna can produce weapon that can kill even Gods. Contrary to its appearance reminiscent of cannon, it can only be used at 0 distance similar to pile bunker. Because this weapon contains Interdimensional Phase Transition-Type Nuclear Fusion Reactor No. 1 as its nucleus, the same model which caused Catastrophe and the end of Old Age, its power is immense. Through two processes of physical body destruction and severance of connection with higher dimension Ragna can effectively kill immortal beings such as Ancestors and Apostles. Energy emanating from this Asterism is powerful enough to shake dimension with its mere activation and direct attack can crack time and space, evoking even small dimensional quake. Upon contact it forcibly crystalizes matter which then fades away from existence. It can even be used for defense by directly hitting incoming attacks, literally erasing them, including Glen’s output that can destroy space itself or even Izana’s pure energy blasts. However, because of its low maintenance Ragna prefers to avoid attacks. Also, Ragna's Asterism is only a half of Misaki's star and vice versa. Without her supply of astral particle he doesn’t have enough energy to create god-slaying weapon.

  • Energy manipulation due to his very huge rank in maneuverability, Ragna can use energy received from Misaki for different purposes other than formation of god-slaying weapon. He can rapidly circulate output used for creation of Silverio Fimbulvetr throughout his body without materializing it. Compared to difficulty of braiding astral particles to produce super weapon, moving them through 100,000km long human blood vessels is trivial for him. He used this to destroy Glen’s axion seedlings growing inside his body and boost his physical abilities. With just that one move he stepped into territory of Planetes. Alternatively, he can use this energy to promote activity of astral particles inside his body and heal himself so long his connection with Misaki remains. This’s merely first-aid treatment, but by using this with combination of his spirit Ragna can ignore many life-threatening injuries.

    • Fimbulvetr Overload: Misaki supplies Fimbulvetr with astral beyond its limits causing it to explode and release god-slaying wave around Ragna. However, because this attack is harmful to Ragna’s own body and can potentially cause long-term side effects they use it sporadically.

  • Information Download: ironically, Ragna and Misaki acquired this power due to being personas of Kujou siblings. Even at unconscious level they’re always slightly connected to Amaterasu and because of this, they have authority to download necessary information in order to overcome current crisis. In particular, Ragna can refer not only to memories of his original existence (Kujou Haruto), but also 1000 years of experience accumulated by another persona, Glenfarth von Veratyr. Since he’s still connected to his body when it was taken into Amaterasu, as a result of seeking “power to eradicate Ancestors” he extracted necessary information and weapon of demise was completed. At the same time, Misaki’s lament and sorrow upon seeing fatally injured Ragna succeeded in extracting information of Eurydice (Vendetta) which is deeply related to her birth. Thus, she became woman bearing Silverio, granting destiny to her beloved person.

  • Awakening: in rare situations where Ragna finds himself in crisis he can enhance his connection with Misaki and achieve miraculous awakening. This isn’t awakening common to Slaves of Light, but transcendence of brain impossible even for them. It’s a domain of programming (to learn more about it go see Ragna’s Sphere). In this state he can use Silverio Fimbulvetr continuously for offense and defense, eliminating its weakness of low maintenance. His output alone surpasses that of Planetes and he can crush body of combat specialized Amenokurato with his bare hands.

    • Crystalization: Ragna’s maneuverability evolved as well. Until now he was only able to create god-slaying weapon, but now he can manufacture even his standard orichalcum sword in the unit of a single micron, creating it instantaneously. This’s possible because Ragna understands everything about his weapon, from shape and structure to quantity of its natural frequencies. This effectively eliminates the biggest weakness of Asterism – that it can only be created through triggers such as adamantium and orichalcum. Through mutually (via Misaki or Angelica) constant connection with higher dimension Ragna doesn’t need to rely on astral catalysts any longer, but create them on his own. By pushing his neurons to the limits he can repeatedly recreate his weapon, exchanging attacks with prodigy swordsman William and eventually, destroy his sword. He can even converge axion constituting this sword to turn it into monomolecular blade, effortlessly cutting through combat specialized Amenokurato. It’s even possible for him to forcibly crystalize matter, even reactors of Amenokurato, and break it into pieces without producing Silverio Fimbulvetr.


- Silverio Ragnarok: Misaki and Ragna's Asterism, sub-type of Baptism, Ancestors destruction oracle ability. By constructing theory that "Godslayer" can technically be anyone, Misaki makes connection with her closest companions through antenna swords and Ragna performs Baptism by creating crimson axion, granting them power and destiny to destroy gods (Ancestors). It's a human remodelling technique transcending spiritual backgrounds and mutual understanding. Grief, determination and even moderation don't matter. Bonds and convictions can be used to develop power, but they don't necessarily contribute to its acquisition. It's a powerful enhancement unshaken by affirmation, denial or direction of the spirit. Technique of "humans" to read, derive and shape essence of the stars.

  • Godslayer Apostles: as mentioned above, this ability turns friends of Ragna and Misaki into Apostles through similiar process to Baptism of Ancestors. Thus, Cecile, Angelica, Jace, Patricia and Richard not only gain immortality common to all Apostles, but their Asterism now bears Fimbulvetr's characteristic of immortality-slaying. However, because Misaki doesn't have EX rank in maintenance, their regeneration is fairly limited when compared to Apostles created by Ancestors. Also, because Baptism is established purely in third dimension, killing Misaki will sever this connection.

    • Anti-Ancestor Apostle Manipulation Ability: accelerating his neurons beyond limits, Ragna’s processing ability eventually surpassed that of super high-speed bio-computer. Subsequently, he calculated physical changes occurring through Baptism inside his best friend's body, constructed appropriate formula and run through manufacturing process almost instantaneously. Simply put, manipulation of the best anti-Ancestor weapon – Richard Xnbrave himself. Not only he received benefits of the regular Godslayer Apostle, but he handed sovereignty over his body to Ragna. Under his complete control, Richard undergoes drastic remodeling. From the secretion of substances in the brain to the flow of bioelectricity running through nervous system, by grasping all kinds of processes that make the human body active, Ragna engraved Richard with his own combat experience via Combat Ethics Installation Formula. It’s a cooperation of madness that would be impossible even for Sumeragi. In case this balance is disturbed, huge amount of astral condensed in the axion would flow backwards and erase them both without leaving a trace. It’s only possible because of their complete and mutual trust. Aside from this, Ragna embedded inside him core of Silverio Fimbulvetr - Interdimensional Phase Transition-Type Nuclear Fusion Reactor, turning him into unique Baptism-type Planetes.

  • Light & Darkness Union: marvelous awakening impossible even for Spheres, pefect integration of two opposing concepts made possible only because Misaki and Ragna are personas of Kujou siblings, the latest Ancestors. They're god-made beings and so there are no limits nor boundaries for them; hybrid which encompasses hope and despair. With a principle similiar to particle accelerator, Ragna uses his affinity for light to connect with Sphere of Oath, meanwhile Misaki with her affinity towards darkness makes contact with a Sphere of Grief. If half of the body (Ragna) seeks the future, the other half (Misaki) will burn with grudge; if half of the body (Misaki) will choose to wail, the other half (Ragna) will answer with radiant smile. Two opposing ideas continue to circulate and rise their power without end - dragging down and spitting on the winners, while affirming it's for better tomorrow. There's no backlash while doing so and two sides of the spirit work in unison.



- Wishing Sphere Gazer: Misaki and Ragna's artificial Sphere, breaking point of maneuverability, the answer of "inheritance"; desire to entrust light of hope to next generations and teach them by carving footprints in the world. After Glenfarth and Kujou Misaki reached Sphere it was no longer possible for Ragna and Misaki to find answer on their own, this's unbreakable truth of one crown per one account (proof of existence). Then there was only one solution - if you can't reach Sphere, produce it on your own. It’s impossible for other humans, but Ragna and Misaki are Kujou siblings, people with the highest understanding of astral. After obtaining crystal computer, the core of Yggdrasil, it was easy for them to analyze and imitate existing Spheres engraved in the higher dimension and through astral information swirling in the singularity, while at the same time constructing own original answer. Customization of their bodies finally released them from the shackles of Gods and turned them into genuine “humans”. The resulting ability is complete manipulation of astral. Star of wisdom that can imitate, manufacture, restructure, optimize, negate, reflect and otherwise dominate all phenomena related to astral particles. This manipulation is exercised with precision of micro and nano units, without any disturbance. Thus, it possesses tremendous killing potential where all abilities work at the atomic level. Similar to Sphere Braver, Gazer was created with the aim of accusing world laws of the New Age, that’s why it has anti-higher dimension, anti-Amaterasu and above all else, anti-god properties. And while Ragna himself wound deny it, his usage of it is very reminiscent to fighting style of Glenfarth. In other words, avoid direct confrontation if possible, crush opponent with the amount of created corps (Amenokurato), perform long-distance saturation attack by denying defense or one-sided killing based on preliminary research. The more solid preparation, the higher rate of success and Sphere Gazer granted him the best possible tools to make full use of this truth.

  • Artificial Sphere Creation Theory: because Sphere Gazer is an artificial Sphere, it doesn’t have function of extensibility to the future through bonds and feelings like the other Spheres. However, it has unprecedented possibility that anyone can handle it depending on their technical skills. At the time matured human race will build proper civilization, they will leave mother Earth and fly to the farthest reaches of outer space. Pillar of that progress is Sphere Gazer itself. Furthermore, because Gazer is an artificial Sphere, the concept of spiritual vector is virtually absent, because it isn’t star reached after mutual resonance. It’s governed by input of sensitive values by setting calculations and formulas, rejecting spiritual elements. To put it simply, unless one is smarter than everyone else living in the world it’s impossible for others to use it. Even if the user gives permission to use it, they will be unable to withstand it (see Sea of Information below), turning body, mind and soul into nothing.

  • Programming: fusion of Jace’s compulsory crystallization and Syu’s ability to generate various phenomena by controlling wavelength of visible light to forcibly change state of not only himself, but others as well. Then, by realizing mechanism governing creation, Ragna can control everything without a need for electron computing device, only through specific numerical formula. Ragna not only knows how to perform Amenokurato’s High-Astral Generator, but he’s even aware of methodology to create Planetes.

    • Antenna Edge: astral swords shooting down any target, depriving control of the hostile attacks through hacking, seizing motion of the attacks and reflecting them and simultaneously adding destructive energy. Attack, defense and counterattack all done in a single move.

    • Processing: Ragna can repeat calculations and analysis to instantly find the optimal solution and catch trajectory of attacks faster and more accurately. Eventually, the probability of injury begins to decrease dramatically. He can analyze matter to determine its design information and find weak spots in its structure. After creation of Sphere, Ragna’s synapses jumped over solar system and reached speed of light. Even the best bio-computer in the human history is unable to match brain of Sphere Gazer. His observation and analysis using infinitely accelerating consciousness can respond to any attack no matter how fast it is. This’s because true value of Sphere Gazer is not awakening of willpower, but of the brain. Compared to creation of super weapons, the human body’s behavior is limited. Controlling even one muscle fiber is impressive, that’s why Ragna who has complete control over his body via Sphere Gazer cannot be surpassed even by Tyrfing. He can quickly determine nature and essence of observed ability, including higher dimensional phenomena such as those used by Sphere Braver.

      • Sea of Information: technique which utilizes wavelength and bioelectric currents of the synchronized starlight and sends flux of information to the point of contact. Fierce blueprints assault the brain of the target and show them abyss of wisdom swirling inside Sphere Gazer, Ragna and Misaki. Even Ouka, scientific genius of her own and Ancestor with 1000 years of experience is unable to keep up with blueprints of super weapons emerging one after another. Density and the amount of information increases without end and the ever-increasing flood of super-futuristic theories surpass processing speed of anyone upon contact. Overflow of data eventually stretches one second infinitely, causing disconnection of the time between mind and body. Spirit itself is swallowed by a bottomless black hole and return to real time is no longer possible. After experiencing one hundred million years, endless future and civilization that mankind will eventually reach, Ouka has reached state of enlightenment, passed through humanity and godhood and finally turned into astral. Her body decomposed into crimson particles and left the New Age (universe).

      • Trillion Task: multi-parallel arithmetic processing. Technique which allows Sphere Gazer to perform many calculations at the same time. It allowed Misaki to control more than 10,000 of Amenokurato, allowing Ragna to focus on combat with Glenfarth. Even when she was controlling them, she still had time to counter countless Spheres manufactured by Glenfarth, sometimes talking, sometimes fighting, sometimes speaking about past and future. The thought circuits of parallel processing amplifying without end and approaching infinity surpassed even that absurdity.

    • Program Codes: they’re expressions of the programming, codes of pure data. Ragna and Misaki can create them after analyzing situation at hand and make the fight itself pointless. Before they created Sphere, characters such as Syu were able to find countermeasures for them, but after creation of Sphere they seized future, effectively binding information to their will.

      • Erosion Control Formula: Asterism virus created during his second fight with Glenfarth. It uses his basic ability to change state of the object to stop, crystalize and then dissipate incoming attacks. Depending on his calculations Ragna can effectively negate any attack, by forcibly converting manifested phenomenon into shapeless mass of astral akin to phase transition. He can go as far as nullify dimension erasing energy of Glenfarth, dominate stars of Ancestors regardless of their output or even cancel their own crystallization abilities.

      • Combat Ethics Installation Formula: formula which replicated Ragna’s combat experience and installed it into Richard. See Silverio Ragnarok above for more information.

      • Anti-Ancestor Restoration Inhibition Formula: cluster of information downloaded by Ragna and Misaki. It contains not only formula to break connection with singularity, but update in the form of restoration speed inhibition. Completely digitalized blueprint surpasses knowledge of Ancestors through awakening of brain that’s impossible even for Slaves of Light. This formula enabled them to kill Sumeragi, Ouka and Izana even after Yggdrasil’s Server Shift. However, Syu was able to immediately create patch and update World Tree, allowing Ancestors to regenerate.

      • Super Regeneration Construction Formula: formula which allowed Jace to reconnect his bisected body and link with severed singularity after William reproduced Silverio Fimbulvetr. However, because it was used at the same time Jace awakened through his own spirit and collapsed causality via Sphere Punisher, it’s unknown how effective it would be on its own.

      • Geometric Progression Formula: formula which multiplies deployed technology increasing their lethal power exponentially.

    • Imitation: reproduction of Asterism. While at first glance very similar to Sphere Bringer, this’s not the kind of ability that shares stars through mutual understanding, but rationally reproduces starlight with pure technical skills, mechanically manufacturing abilities regardless of mental and spiritual direction. Unlike Ash, Ragna can’t reproduce properties of the Asterism as he doesn’t have that characteristic and must depend on his calculations, but unlike Sphere Bringer he can reproduce any ability even without consent of the original user.

      • Onogoro-birth Jotun's Loptr: reproduction of Izana’s Asterism. Upon contact with Ragna’s palm he manipulated vector of her star, recrystallized it and then reproduced structure of the attack itself. As if refected by a mirror, crystal turrets launch streams of high-dimensional energy which turn into dust everything on their trajectory.

      • Degenerate Star: reproduction of Sphere Riser’s ultimate technique. As long it’s universal phenomenon it’s possible for Ragna to replicate feats of other Spheres and build them from the scratch. It starts by creating micro black hole which distorts space/time, freely setting up Chandrasekhar limit. After losing its balance, supernova bomb is released towards desired target. If it was released on the Earth even aftermath would erase 80% of Crusadal, while direct collision would destroy entire Sun. Technique with literally the highest firepower in the New Age, it’s not something that average Sphere user can resist and if it’s performed poorly it can even trigger creation of the new universe. However, because it’s woven through chemical and mathematical formulas in 3-dimensional space, it cannot surpass reality like Sphere Riser. Without law of infinite awakening, it’s simple cosmic phenomenon that cannot even step on the shadow of Kagutsuchi.

    • Function Update: since Ragna’s creation and reproduction is solely from his technical skills, he can update and add properties to reproduced weapons that originally weren’t present there.

      • Silverio Fimbulvetr: his new and improved Silverio Fimbulvetr can be now used at a distance, shooting flash of light that erases everything on its path. Furthermore, it can separate target’s existence from the space, killing Ancestors even in the Asgard. Finally, it seems it can even send targets to the afterlife if Ragna wishes to do so. After destroying physical body of Sumeragi, he found his consciousness in the world of past, meeting his long dead wife, Helen. Sumeragi was convinced this’s not a dream or illusion, but reality. Ragna himself was definitely aware of this “departure”, but wasn’t sure what Sumeragi saw exactly. This phenomenon remained unknown to the end, but the most popular theory is that it has something to do with personal data.

    • Hacking: after reaching territory of programming that can dominate creation, Ragna displayed supernatural hacking abilities. In Angelica route he was able to rewrite internal information of Amenokurato, breaking through more than thousand logic walls in less than one second, synchronize with them, utilize their astral amplification network and access center of Yggdrasil. Because all Amenokurato are connected to that single core, influencing it will bring change to all units. Ragna installed virus using residual information in Jace’s orichalcum arm. His immortal will was enough to override AI of all Amenokurato and spread like infectious disease, taking all of them under his control. After creation of Sphere, Ragna can casually deprive control of opponent’s Asterism, manipulating it for himself or even causing to self-destruct.

  • Creation: this’s true value of Sphere Gazer, fusion of his creative astral crystallization ability and the nature of Sphere eventually sublimated into creation of astral based weapons. Breaking point of maneuverability allowed him to go beyond shackles of material civilization and reach one that is indistinguishable from magic; the starlight which gives shape to the future, embodiment of endless “tomorrow” that Slaves of Light aimed at. Depending on his knowledge and computational skills required for manufacturing, crimson axion will infinitely potray wisdom reached by humanity. Since these weapons are from the far future, they’re all black boxes that make even experience of 1000-year old Ancestors useless and it’s impossible to predict what humanity will arrive at. However, Sphere Gazer isn't without its limits. Since this creation depends on Ragna’s calculation ability, he can’t create and reproduce things based on higher dimensional laws that deviate from domain of technology, such as embodiment of limit break who can trample on reality through pure spirit.

    • Shooting Star: simultaneous deployment of countless astral swords which immediately fly beyond stratosphere, into outer space and subsequently fall on the target(s) with great force and speed. Streaks of light behind the swords turn into additional swords, repeating endless cycle of destruction and creation. Implemented geometric progression formula caused meteor rain of more than one-hundred quadrillion astral swords. Each one of these is equipped with homing function so there’s no waste in material. This attack in just a few seconds destroyed every Amenokurato present in the Crusadal. Even then they just kept on multiplying, bringing ruin to every unit in the Asgard.

    • Biometal: regenerative medicine that even in the era of Yamato existed as an abstract theory and was deemed impossible to create. It’s a perfect fusion of organic and inorganic materials which goes beyond even regenerative properties of nanomachines. Authority of gods can easily regenerate entire body, but this miracle performed by Sphere Gazer proves that humanity will eventually reach that level on their own. Ragna not only regenerated his friends from the lumps of flesh, but he turned them into Planetes.

    • Virtual Dive: virtual reality deployment originally created around the period of World War III as a method to fix growing energy depletion problem and help citizens to relieve their mediocre lives with ideal worlds. However, maintenance of this technology proved to be far too expensive and growing number of virtual junkies who could no longer recognize reality forced humanity to abandon it. Ragna has shown to create two version of this machine. The first is target setting-type virtual reality generation device used against single person. Virtual scenery is created based on memories reflected in the axion and it imprisons not only heart, but even soul. Time inside virtual space can be freely controlled, so it’s possible to develop thousands of different simulations in mere moments. Pure pleasure in this cyberworld causes excessive secretion of endorphins no longer reacting to external stimuli. The second type is the large-scale deployment-type virtual reality generation device. Using astral particles in the atmosphere as a reference point, Ragna invites huge amount of people to the scenes of the past. He used this to show Slaves of Darkness forgotten or lost treasures of happiness, relieving their grudges.

    • Planetes: since astral sensitive beings such as Esperanto and Planetes are just different kind of astral weapons, even they can be manufactured by Sphere Gazer. Performing instantaneous human body remodeling, resuscitation surgery and artificial evolution, he can turn others into Planetes and heal their bodies.

      • Biomachine Ideal Fusion-type: brand new Planetes created by Sphere Gazer by performing customization on Cecile, Angelica, Richard, Patricia and Jace. This not only removed axion of Ancestors inside their bodies, rejecting benefits of Apostles, but granted them Biometal (described above).

      • Amenokurato: mass produced army of Planetes. Unlike the ones manufactured from Yggdrasil, they’re brand new models equipped with super weapons. By converging enormous output through axion materialization, their destructive performance outclasses even combat specialized models. They’re all anti-Sphere weapons with armament manufactured by Ragna and depending on the opponent it can be freely adjusted to counter specific enemy. Even standard equipment of every single unit consists of: Astral Formula Sphere Gazer Perpetual Motion Machine, Maxwell Drive (inertia manipulation device), Earth Blade (space dislocation-type celestial body cutting device) and Graviton Punisher (graviton collapse cannon). Mass of steel released from the chains of inertia attacks with great force and even a single unit can control the entire planet. Due to Trillion Task, Sphere Gazer can create and control more than ten thousand units (even that number means nothing as Sphere Gazer can produce new units infinitely) in a single moment and the clash with Glen’s own models was comparable to encroachment of galaxy, collectively generating enough energy to erase solar system.

    • Assault Photon: offensive photon emitter. Murderous rays of light equipped with AI, flying vigorously and deconstructing creation.

    • Mobius Mechanics: new theory, contradiction quantum meachanics. Theory of decoding twisted chaos and order.

    • Magatsu Divider: dark matter severing blade. Materialization of imaginary number blade with mass.

    • Cosmo Quartz: outer space ore purifier. Creation of crystalline alloy that’s only available in the Milky Way.

    • Phase Drift: meaning and rank modification of all beings at will.

    • Neutrino Magnum, Cylinder 13: expansion of Amenokurato’s equipment, super-high-speed time reversal bullet which erases causality itself. It utilizes elementary particles that exceed speed of light and eliminate the target by retroactively erasing them from the timeline. Quantity is freely set by Ragna and he has shown to create 3000 units at once. Its collision with Glen’s Gaia Device Accelerator scraped away the universe of singularity, dragged flow of causality into madness and stirred up space/time.

    • Void Mines: imaginary number mines hidden in the gaps of space.

    • Godslayer Bullet: ability which takes out personal data, root and records of existence, from the higher dimension hidden beyond time and space and shoots it towards the user as an origin-killing bullet. Ragna and Misaki used this to excavate information of Kujou siblings and erase Sphere Braver from existence. However, since Kujou siblings are roots of Ragna and Misaki as well, destroying them is equivalent to committing suicide, or rather, something much worse. Through time paradox every record of their existence will be wiped off, including memories and past actions, return to the Earth will no longer be possible and they will drift in the singularity for eternity. This was the only way to defeat Sphere Braver.

    • Amaterasu Oomikami: full name Sphere Gazer Built-in Type Yamato—Amaterasu Oomikami. Because Kujou siblings are the main program of Amaterasu, their destruction is equivalent with the collapse of Second Sun. New Age can no longer be maintained and one hundred million prayers will be locked in the higher dimension. At the cost of Ragnarok, world itself will turn into nothing, retroactively erasing everything from causality, even astral. However, because Sphere Gazer is one and only artificial Sphere, even creation of elementary particle-sized devices is not impossible. Ragna and Misaki used Sphere Gazer itself as a material to recreate and update Amaterasu before it could disappear. Sphere Gazer replaced Kujou siblings as a main program and turned all prayers swirling inside into pillars to support Amaterasu. It was easy for them to re-adjust Amaterasu with some modifications, because it’s creation, compatibility is unrelated. In the first place, Sphere Gazer is an authority to create something never seen before, so future that will arrive on Earth will definitely take gentle form. Ragna and Misaki’s existence turns into fuel to create new Sun and remains of their hearts into computer to make this phenomenon possible. Miracle of the newborn Sun will be given evenly to all people of the New Age, not just Japanese. Because they’re humans they should just leave and entrust it to future generations. However, Sphere Gazer is natural enemy of the existing civilization. Creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin, a technological change that is too rapid can easily destroy the current system and sprout seeds of chaos. That’s why, just like Sphere Braver, Ragna and Misaki chose not record Gazer in the singularity in the form that someone can connect to. Until humanity will mature, until they leave the Earth and reach the outer space, until they reach wonderful civilization that can handle Sphere Gazer, until then new Sun will watch over growth of the mankind.

      • Complete Axion: while creation of axion is something Ragna could do even before creating Sphere, materialization of it proved to be difficult even for Ancestors. That’s because it requires continuous maintenance to exist, otherwise it will just decompose into astral particles. After Sphere Gazer produced new Amaterasu, crimson axion was distributed to every corner of the Earth. Unlike imperfect crystals, this axion is completely materialized allowing even normal people to use and study it. Because it’s over-technology, proper analysis is still impossible, but even in just half of a year Syu was able to create Star Battery, an ideal storage battery that can replace fossil and nuclear fuels and can be supplied infinitely as long as it stays on Earth, but production of astral-type computer proved to be too hard as quality of crimson axion simply outclasses green axion belonging to Ancestors. Even when Sphere Razer came in contact with it, axion simply turned into anti-particles and disappeared, even when Sphere Bringer tried contact Sphere through it, thoughts and prayers were totally incomprehensible to him. Light, darkness and moderation are useless, all that is needed is the ability to process information and wisdom.

      • Self-Creation: Sphere Gazer used leftovers of green axion in the baby of Rufus and their own crimson axion all around the world to create very small Yggdrasil, computing device that can communicate with Amaterasu. Then, by transmitting information from Richard Xnbrave, Apostle of Sphere Gazer, who came into contact with newborn life Ragna and Misaki acquired various truths based on the birth of life. Next, they acquired personal data of Ancestors’ origin from old Amaterasu, in other words, their own source. Using these two concept, interfering with singularity, correcting the time paradox and adding information about the missing biological information before their childhood, they effectively created proof of their own existence. Allowing them to cancel time paradox, separate themselves (core) from Amaterasu, manufacture new type of Amaterasu and return to the Earth. In short, Ragna and Misaki created themselves.

  • Ultimate Existence: just like Sphere Braver, Gazer’s essence isn’t expansion of own’s potential, but creation of ultimate existence. That’s why battle between them is truly endless. Unlike past which is finite, there are literally no limits to the future. Humans are monsters of possibilities, craving for unending prosperity will cause them to evolve without end. Therefore, Sphere Braver and Sphere Gazer can be called their agents, acting on behalf of all commanders, development officers and military officers in the future generations. Furthermore, since they have the same origin it caused their safety measure to drop, generating resonance evolution due to intense compatibility and leading to even further invention war. Stimulated by the power of the opponent, they undertook a number of improvements and new creations. Each technique they developed was abandoned shorty after. It’s almost like a form of time travel. Summoning prayers and technology that humanity struggles to reach in distant future, from 1036 year of the New Age to the chains of eternity. Despite their different directions, they have continued to develop and expand scenarios from thousands of years in the future into modern era with a single move.


- Slave of Light: refers to being enslaved by positive doctrines of humanity: courage and love, prosperity and progress - desire to move forward without looking back. Although at first sight this makes them model for humanity, all of them possess an attribute that turns then into walking disasters, namely excess. Their souls brim with positive emotions, ambitions and expectations; endless passion causes them to discard any sort of attention to the surroundings, beside genuine respect for the opponent. Not only bringing an enormous amount of destruction in the world, but also causing their own bodies to collapse and meltdown, as physical vessel is unable to support this overwhelming spiritual power. Ragna is an exception among them since he’s aware of destructive potential of light, while at the same time showing elements of darkness to regain lost past. Possessing valour of light, affectionate love of darkness and wisdom that perceives everything rationally – these attributes eventually sublimated into Sphere Gazer and Ragna became Martyr of Hope, entrusting future to all humans equally and helping them to evolve step by step.



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