"Infinite hope and despair, everything I've accumulated is my power"


Name: Glenfarth von Veratyr, Kujou Haruto (name of his original existence), "Absolute God", “God of Innovation and Destruction”, "Glen", "Trickster"
Origin: Silverio Ragnarok
Gender: Male
Classification: Ancestor, Representative Paladin, Persona of Kujou Haruto, Member of Yamato's Astral Resarch Facility (former), scientist, siscon | Sphere (environmental invasion-type), “God”
Age: 1000+ years old
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman characteristics, enhanced senses, immortality (types 1, 3 and 4), regeneration (low-godly to mid-godly after reaching Sphere), non-corporeal (destroying his body in 3rd dimension does nothing), axion creation and manipulation, high-dimensional interference (axion acts as a medium towards high-dimensional energy and draws it without waste upon phase transition), can change others into Apostles, experience and intuition on the verge of precognition, master swordsmanship | All of the previous abilities + reality warping, space manipulation, high-level destiny manipulation, creation of Spheres grants him various abilities such as: energy absorption, time manipulation (time acceleration, time reversal, time stop, past erasure), parallel world creation, damage reflection, soul manipulation and more
Weaknesses: Cutting his connection with higher dimension will remove his infinite regeneration and stamina/energy supply, Ragna Nidhogg (since they have the same origin their lives are closely intertwined, while Glen is on the master side and can extort influence on Ragna, depending on distance between them foolishly increasing his output will make Ragna stronger in proportion) | Creation of Asgard takes time, so does Kujou Misaki in relocating from Yamato to Yggdrasil (although it's more of a story related problem)
Destructive Capacity: Island level+ (his clash with Ragna wiped village without a trace, he has enough output to destroy dimensions and in pure power should be at the very least comparable to Valzelide) | Solar system level+, likely far higher (his army of Amenokurato was generating enough energy to destroy solar system and their clash with Ragna’s own army was eroding galaxy, collision of Neutrino Magnum and Gaia Device Accelerator scraped away universe of singularity), likely universal to even low multiversal (at the stage of covering St.Canterbury alone Yggdrasil contained energy comparable to Big Bang, Asgard encompasses even Spheres that can destroy and create universe or even produce parallel worlds)
Range: Extended human melee, hundreds of meters with his Asterism | Varies (due to EX rank in diffusibility, Sphere Braver is expanding infinitely in the universe), cross-temporal/dimensional
Speed: Massively hypersonic+  | Relativistic+ movement speed, likely far higher (after he left creation of Amenokurato to his sister, not even Ragna was able to react to his attacks, at least before awakening), lightspeed to FTL reactions (his processing speed is equivalent to Ragna)
Durability: Island level+, however, without way to negate his immortality and non-corporeal nature he can't be killed at all | At least solar system level+ (he ridiculed Ragna’s Degenerate Star and said that cosmic phenomena is unable to hurt him without surpassing reality), probably up to universe to low-multiverse level (Asgard is unable to break regardless of how powerful Spheres are born there, with Yamato’s support Ragna’s Silverio Fimbulvetr, arguably his strongest weapon, simply crumbled upon contact with his body), his immortality, regeneration, nature of Sphere Braver and countless Spheres protecting him makes him almost impossible to kill (in fact, he was only killed by someone who can be called him, through time paradox suicide that threatened to collapse reality)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Higher
Striking Strength: At least Class TJ+ (can produce the same kind of destruction with his sword as his own Apostle) | Unknown, likely immeasurable (infinite power dwells in his sword and energy inside him can shatter Silverio Fimbulvetr without him doing anything at all)
Stamina: Infinite
Standard Equipment: Seyfert-type adamantium sword
Intelligence: Scientific and combat genius, even when not in his prime he can process information equivalent to hundreds of years of human history in about 3 second and fight equally against Ragna, Misaki and their corps of Amenokurato, while at the same time manufacturing tens of thousands of Amenokurato on his own, was scientific prodigy in the Old Age and together with his sister they comprehended astral thet most, he’s the one who taught William swordsmanship and can use similar techniques to him, can see through his opponent’s actions and cancel them before they occur, extremely manipulative, more so than other Ancestors
Notable Attacks/Techniques:



- Heaven-Regalia Veratyr: Glenfarth’s Asterism, astral crystallization ability, all-round type. Starlight which materializes all supernatural abilities desired by Glen. Using axion crystals as catalyst he can produce any destructive phenomena born from the idea “the more you have it, the better”. Furthermore, due to his nature as Ancestor he’s supplied with huge amount of energy so he has no weaknesses at all. Originally, it’s a starlight which inevitably ends as mediocre without study and limited lifespan, but Glenfarth who tirelessly accumulated experience for 1000 years in the New Age effectively eliminated all possible gaps. Widespread destruction by ejecting crystal shards as a meteor shower, accurate sniping by releasing crystal bullets, irregular attacks by creation of clones, unpredictable attacks by liberation of energy contained in the axion, inhibition of movement by erecting crystal walls, physical enhancement by taking crystals inside his body or conversely self-destruction by detonating them. So long his imagination won’t stop, Glenfarth will produce new forms to overwhelm his opponent.

  • Pure destruction: Glenfarth’s Asterism doesn’t have to take specific form but release his pure output as a destructive force, usually taking form of golden light emanating from his sword. This energy is powerful enough to destroy space and dimensions and its clash with Ragna’s Silverio Fimbulvetr wiped out village, put a crack in space/time and triggered small interdimensional quake.

  • Duplication: creation of green axion clones. He was shown to create at least 7 of them. They appear to fight autonomously and while far weaker than main body, they can still attack with power and speed of low-ranked Esperanto. Since they’re made of axion they can freely change shape to trap opponents and if Glenfarth desires he can cause these clones to explode giving opponent little time to react.

  • Crystal seeds: after carving wounds on his enemy Glen can send small shards of axion directly inside them and subsequently, make them grow and rip apart flesh from inside out. Since these seeds take roots directly in the flesh they’re very difficult to destroy.

  • Astro Jail: Glenfarth crystalizes high-dimensional energy stored inside him and turns his entire body into bomb by detonating them. Resulting widespread destruction can be used as a counter against spiritual awakening Slaves of Light are proud of.

  • Hound Meteor: rapid ejection of crystal bullets in quantity of tens of thousands, blocking escape routes and inhibiting movement by filling the entire space.

  • Amanoiwato: last resort technique in case Glen wants to gain more time. He used his Asterism to cover himself, Izana, Misaki, Grand Arc and crystal computer, core of the Yddgrasil, with crystal walls. Scientists of Adler Empire investigated it and found out it’s singularity created from a phenomenon very similar to Sphere. While details are unknown, it became different world that’s impossible to destroy no matter how much physical force was applied since phase of this world is disconnected from 3-dimensional space.



- Rising Sphere Braver: Glenfarth and Kujou Misaki’s Sphere, breaking point of diffusibility and maintenance, the answer of "encounter"; desire to meet someone you love, Glenfarth’s belief according to whom people shine the most with someone who shares the same ideals as them, it’s a crystallization of Glenfarth’s answer after his 1000 year old pilgrimage. Instead of prioritizing weak or strong people, he found a way to promote everyone to status of God, each one becoming producer of their own destiny. In other words, it’s ultimate bottom up that turns everyone into ultimate existence, Sphere which produces Spheres. Answer which truly encompasses everything: light, darkness or even horizon between them. There’s no condition for salvation, every single person without exception is chosen at the moment of birth. It not only deifies all human beings, but promotes evolution of the creation itself. It can be described as the reaching point of Amenokurato’s environmental alteration ability: summit of diffusibility spreads the new order to the farthest reaches of universe, while apex of maintenance will superimpose this order with eternity – fusion of these two properties sublimated into unprecedented authority that’s expanding Glenfarth’s territory infinitely without any deterioration and interruption. The new world that emerges at the end is Asgard. Third dimension converted into high-order dimension will make people encounter those who share the same thoughts, answers and ideals as them, producing never-ending glitter.

  • Yggdrasil: astral amplification device created for the sole purpose of robbing Yamato of their authority. In order to promote prosperity of civilization Ancestors knew that the first step to achieve that is to revive Old Age. Under Amaterasu’s influence it became impossible to leave the Earth or create computers that perform high quality calculations. In other words, so long Second Sun will keep shining in the sky, civilization of the New Age can never surpass one of the Old Age. So the conclusion was clear, seize the crown which governs existing law of physics, Amaterasu. In order to do that they quickly constructed theory under which this feat would be possible: momentarily generate more output than Yamato and collide it with the Second Sun. The problem was the vessel. Even when they acquired immortal bodies they’re unsuitable for accumulating this enormous energy and prospect of competing with one hundred million of Japanese people with just a single body is ridiculous. If the body of Ancestor is not enough then as consequence they devised plan to amplify their capacity. Thus, they decided to utilize humans as literal tools to boost the output of astral by turning them into large-scale circuit via mass-produced Amenokurato. Condensing astral particles within the effective range, Ancestors, who are sub-species of Sphere, give it directionality while further amplifying it. Then, based on calculations that singularity can be grasped by radiating high energy to the Second Sun, they increased probability of developing physical laws of the word at a terrifying rate. Thus, they no longer had to stop at merely returning to the civilization of bygone days. With new and infinite resource of astral particles there’s no limit to future development and they could establish new order, never seen before in Old and New Age.

    • Mass crystalization: because Sphere Braver can create Yggdrasil remotely, it can also crystalize everyone, enemies and allies alike, love of God will grace all. Glen can instantaneously convert into axion everyone in city of Crusadal and area of effect will expand infinitely from there. However, even this feat is merely start of the Sphere Braver’s true value.

      • Astral-type Computer: unlike orichalcum, axion is not a pure metal and that’s why with the application of force some form of potential difference will occur. That’s why theoretically it becomes possible to create IC chip in the age of room temperature superconductivity. Esperanto create supernatural phenomenon (Asterism) by reacting with astral particles and by performing complicates calculations that change the laws of physics. In other words, Esperanto are like machines equipped with integrated circuits – living computers where electricity is replaced by astral, while circuits by humans. However, because one person can wield only one ability it means that each “computer” is dedicated only to that person and they can’t improve or contribute to overall infrastructure. Instead, Ancestors focused on crystalized astral rather than humans and the culmination of that research is astral-type computer that responds to any human being not just those who occupy specific star and performs high-speed computation using the internal reaction difference as a signal, technology that would put IC chips to shame. But even this theory isn’t freed from loopholes – there’s only handful of people who can use astral crystallization ability and there’s problem of duration even if there’s prospect of artificial manufacturing. After Glen created Asgard, these gaps were effectively filled by converting all humans into axion and by applying law of eternity to everyone without exception.

    • Amenokurato: super interference weapons specialized in environmental alteration. Based on Eurydike, Planetes specifically created to interfere with astral particles, they’re not combat specialized weapons. Nonetheless, by focusing all parameters on diffusibility, maneuverability, maintenance and interference, they can forcibly tune and modify biological wavelength of all living beings in the area, erode matter and space and ultimately create Yggdrasil. For more information, go here. After Glen reached Sphere he instead used new golden Amenokurato focused purely on expanding Asgard’s territory. With new axion as a core, these models no longer need complex manufacturing process or huge amount of steel. Glenfarth, and those who receive privilege from him, can simply create them from the void by condensing astral particles in the atmosphere. In a single moment each one of them can create more than 40,000 of them and that amount is still growing since this task is passed to Yggdrasil itself, new source of astral. It’s a powerful army that in total lightly surpasses combined forces of Adler Empire and Antalya Union. It’s pointless to destroy them or axion in Asgard as building material (astral) is swirling without end and upon destruction they automatically remanufacture. Their erosion of third dimension is amplified to the limit, crossing a few hundred kilometers in one hour, they can crystalize land beyond seas, all forms of life unable to withstand abrupt environmental change and simply end as statues.

    • Server Shift: second phase of Glenfarth's Asgard creation, relocation of Ancestors and Apostles' existential information from Amaterasu to Yggdrasil. Under influence of Glen's Sphere Braver, Earth was turning into high-order dimension and the amount of answers converging in Asgard surpassed unfocused will of Yamato. Thus, they overcame high-dimensional connection severance of Godslayers, the only Asterism capable of killing them. Their personal data recorded on The Other Side moved to Yggdrasil which allowed them to regenerate even after getting hit by Silverio Fimbulvetr. Furthermore, because Asgard itself is territory where stardust swirls without end, they don't even have to specify coordinates of immortality blessing. Even when Ragna and Misaki created new virus program to infect Yggdrasil's network and found a way to kill them, Syu Keyaki Amatsu instantaneously created new patch bringing Ancestors and Apostles back to life once again. In other words, so long they're in Asgard and Syu is guardian of the World Tree, Ancestors and Apostles cannot be killed at all.

    • Amaterasu Lock: if the 3rd dimension itself evolves and becomes high-order dimension by the influence of Asgard then conclusion is simple – Amaterasu is no longer necessary. Since interdimensional phase transition energy was led to the earth from The Other Side through Yamato, people were fully dependent on it. However, by creating Asgard everyone can effectively become “producer”, so long people possess spirit they can generate power forever on their own. Furthermore, by locking Amaterasu no one will be able to draw power directly from the singularity and the right to interfere with the earth will be completely lost, turning Yggdrasil into sole source. It takes less than half a day for Sphere Braver to cover entire globe.

      • Astral Source: after locking Amaterasu in the higher dimension, Yggdrasil became the sole source of astral particles, governing New Age as the absolute crown. Since it’s no longer possible to draw power from Amaterasu all Esperanto and Planetes become powerless and the only possible way to regain power is by connecting with Asgard, becoming its Kenzoku and truly escaping from the influence of Yamato.

  • Asgard: true value of Sphere Braver, culmination of Sphere production realized by resonance with Yggdrasil. World which effectively eliminates judgement criteria based on superiority and inferiority, while accepting the fact that majority of people are incompetent, abandons need for change, but improves development. At the same time, it doesn’t fill creation with a single color of one answer, but create unending diversity by accepting all answers simultaneously. Glenfarth himself will lead everything to higher dimensions and break chains that govern Spheres. Strong and weak, wise and foolish, innovation and stagnation or even moderation, no one is excluded, it’s genuine love letter to entire mankind, saints who live only for others and sinners who live selfishly make no difference – just because they were born they’re already winners chosen to be Gods. In response to Glen’s call, humans who turned into axion statues forming intercommunication network start to resonate and many Spheres are spun. Privilege given to only handful of champions who went beyond destiny is occurring one after another. Highest level rapid propagation reminiscent of supernova explosion doesn’t stop and gives birth to new stars without end. Everyone are equal and everyone become residents of God’s domain. They don’t have to do anything at all, if it’s hard they can just stop trying, if they want to look forward they shall proceed. As you are, as you wish, as you want - the greatest potential of humanity is when they are faithful to their essence. Eventually “only humans” will disappear from the Earth. Even the fact that basic form of human race is Sphere will be only common sense. After separating Yamato from Earth, Asgard will be virtually unstoppable. Not only output of Spheres but all of their characteristics will seep into real world. Those who want to regain their human forms and return to the present world will do so, those who turn into high-dimensional (energy) beings and traverse axion will do so and those who aim for a new world with completely different form are free to do so as well. Due to countless Spheres occurring at the same time, astral particles flood world without limit. Originally, 3rd dimension could not bear this extraordinary output, but there’s no problem because…

    • Takamagahara: just like human beings who have risen to heaven and reached stars, world itself will also evolve. If the Earth is not singularity then it simply has to become one. Influenced by the generated force of the Spheres, space rapidly transforms into higher dimension. Asgard is a world where life, space and even laws of physics, creation itself rushes to the domain of Sphere. The fundamental problem of Spheres is that they endanger Earth just with their existence. In the same way people would tear apart ground made of paper, Earth is no longer a place that can withstand potential of mankind. But what if it was sturdy enough to not only endure, but be unaffected by bullets, nuclear weapons, supernovas and Spheres? The answer to that is Asgard. With absolute durability where creating hole to higher dimension would no longer be necessary and disaster at the level of Catastrophe wouldn’t occur, it’s world where everyone would have their wishes fulfilled no matter how grand their desires are. There’s no problem with those who deny it, because they’re also chosen. Those that pledge to protect their everyday life and pray to deny next world of Asgard generate countless Spheres to preserve current world. At the same time, Sphere Braver’s supporters (Spheres) assemble, fight with each other and undergo mutual enhancement. The resulting friction increases the output and sublimates Asgard into even further space and dimension. Not only 3rd dimension is cultivated by countless Spheres, but just like Ancestors, it acquires law of eternity and immortality. It’s a world where order and chaos are compatible with each other. Embodiment of ideals which eliminated all fragility with underlying wish to meet with someone you love, because of this in terms of universality it reigns supreme among other Spheres. 

    • Monitoring: Glen and Ancestors can perceive everything in Asgard, not overlooking any sign of defection, and by learning from acquired information they can predict future and use it to prevent collapse factors in advance.

    • Matching System: the underlying system of Asgard and its most important function. No matter how sublime prayers held by people are, they cannot live alone. Even supreme hero without someone to protect is nothing more than worthless destroyer. Because there’s special “someone” near them people will shine the most - destined partner who is sympathetic to drawn victory, bond treasured above all else. That’s why in Asgard you can definitely meet someone you love. It’s chain of connected prayers and sparkling vows, matching system that creates many stars in a small galaxy of universal unconscious. It’s like dating site with 100% hit and compatibility rate. In Asgard, matching occurs from the moment person is born until they meet “someone” and draw out destiny (Sphere) they share. Because from the moment of birth many Spheres are immediately created, world is already filled with laws that make everyone happy and thus, there are no conditions for happiness itself. Since Asgard ignores time axis itself Glen doesn’t have to wait for “answers” to cultivate but use them immediately.

      • Axion Intercommunication Network: since every wish is reflected upon Asgard, everyone is free to harmonize, reject and fight. At the same time mutually recommend each other, wish for past or future, repeatedly destroy and heal one another. Overlapping prayers, hearts and thoughts that resonate with each other create miracle beyond creation. Even if the signs of collapse seem to be eternal, they never show even its fragments for a moment - state where even mutually exclusive wishes occur at the same time, ultimate embodiment of democracy where everyone becomes God of their destiny.

      • Nine World Matchmaker: basic ability of Sphere Braver which causes various “encounters” to counter incoming attacks and deny its users by producing otherworldly phenomena, while at the same time expanding territory of Asgard. Not even Ragna’s Degenerate Star, which can be described as the supreme fire, was able to do anything as at least 117 Spheres were born to counter that: surging shadow refused to go in that direction, squirming ripples assimilated together, stinking malice laughed with scorn regardless of intentions, orthodox justice proudly declared that it cannot be forgiven and so on. Many terrible and easy to draw Spheres surrounded Degenerate Star and beat it to smithereens. Someone somewhere is chosen by the great God (Veratyr) and reached the ultimate point (Sphere) without any effort and change. The right and freedom to reject someone undesirable for whatever reason is given equally. Becoming part of Asgard and desire to reject Sphere Gazer is accepted simultaneously. While this already is terrifying feature, what makes Sphere Braver so outstanding is its free-range state – Glenfarth doesn’t see a single drawn Sphere and they’re not even under his control. In the end, Sphere Braver’s ability is to merely create matching environment to manufacture Spheres so he doesn’t have right to command born stars nor property to use these prayers on his own. However, that’s why it’s terrifying. Veratyr is constantly adjusting environment to create various scenarios where enemy won’t even have chance to fight. In this case, he exposed Sphere Gazer to people who can become their enemy and left conclusion to them while overlooking beaten Gazer from far higher position. He doesn’t ask anyone for help and there’s no option to entrust these wishes. Furthermore, looking only at the results everything was designed by Glen so that each side will get what they want, without any unit between them all prayers behave freely. Naturally, created Spheres can’t perceive existence of Veratyr either, in other words, it’s like attack method without recognizing one’s own existence.

      • Condition Setup: even though Sphere Braver usually takes form of free-range state and doesn’t allow outside recognition, he can also establish conditions where depicted prayers will take form he desires. This idea will be exposed to everyone in Asgard and through metaphysical “counseling” drawn answer will be used to deny threats.

        • Hvergelmir Scream: answer born under condition that no one wants to meet supreme beings such as hero, savior or 1000-year old God and remind them of their own mediocrity. What was born after “counseling” is the prayer of grief and idleness pouring infinitely from the bottom of Asgard. Rotten darkness that pollutes space and exposes ugly nature of humanity. It’s a relief of stagnation born from craving for opportunism. People who don’t want effort and growth, but still want to be loved, rewarded and pampered…and all who are above them should become insignificant scraps. Spit of the envy is selfish without measure, but it’s genuine confession of mourning. In order to become slayers of those with troublesome correctness, the blind crown of ignorance grants them absolute violence of happiness. It’s a galaxy of curse resembling flood of vengeful spirits after shackles of mortality were removed. The fateful selection by those who despise light caused persecution phenomenon with the most malicious intent. While eroding space, pure weakness and ugliness of humanity rushes and devours everything on its way. It doesn’t cause simple pain, but disgust and nausea suffocate soul in hole with no return and drown spirit in deadly poison of dark nature. Abyss of Spheres causes unimaginable pain while screaming that everyone should understand them, without even trying to understand pain of others. Starting from the disappearance of astral and elimination of ill will, exclusion of every opinion beside these positive, invoking the sovereignty of sole dictatorship, replacement of handsome men and beautiful women through brainwashing torture into criminals who take delight in causing fights…various laws depicting their reality is exactly the realization of hell showing ugliness of human species. For this reason, concept of resistance doesn’t exist either. Cowardly attackers who fear being hurt above all else prevent others from grasping their essence using a wide variety of means. It’s a march of Slaves of Darkness, not Slaves of Light, with such intensity that even Sphere Razer would cover his eyes, all resolutions and vows are useless. All of them want just an “easy reality” where such delusions are common and crush all obstacles regardless of whether they’re blocked or not. Flock of scoundrels who want to live in pleasure while rejecting all responsibilities are the worst kind of people to reach Sphere, but even they’re recognized by Veratyr. It was countered by Ragna’s largest scale Virtual Dive, showing them lost truth about happiness they once held. While some of the worst prayers were unaffected they soon realized Sphere Gazer won’t be drown out by vote of majority.

    • Sphere Production: Sphere is the culmination of the reached answer, eternal star in the singularity, seal imprinted on the world that once created, cannot be changed or erased, but keeps shining without end. Sphere Braver gives this “magic lamp” to everyone and at the same time makes world sturdy enough to allow countless high-dimensional laws to act freely. That’ why unlike Amaterasu where incompatible prayers cancel each other, all Spheres in Asgard coexist with one another and not a single one is denied. For example, if Godslayers wish for destruction of Ancestors then corresponding Spheres will be created to fulfill that wish: maybe through time travel, maybe by creating parallel world, maybe by erasing past via phenomena alteration or maybe something entirely different. It doesn’t matter, because resonance of that wish in Asgard will fulfill it without fail. At the same time Ancestors would resonate with “someone” that needs them and create Spheres to counter that. Instead of cancelling each other 2 destinies are realized at the same time: Godslayers achieved revenge and killed Ancestors, while Ancestors survived. It’s contradiction, but there’s no problem, because Asgard will realize even the most absurd and contradictory wishes. Even if someone like Sphere Punisher will achieve his desire to destroy evil there are no problems at all, because those who refuse destruction, those who hate Adler Empire, those who wish to escape, those who wish to increase universe by adding parallel worlds and those who wish to stop or reverse time are born at the same time. Magic lamp wielded by everyone realizes all countermeasures as well and they’re all compatible. So while Sphere Punisher might kill evil ones, paradise of villains will continue to exist. It’s hard to imagine from 3-dimensional perspective, but Asgard is governed by higher dimensional laws. However, Spheres created by Asgard can be compared to branches and leaves growing on a giant trunk (Sphere Braver). Thus, they’re unable to leave shape in the singularity on their own and after defeat of Glen, they shattered together with the fall of Yggdrasil.

      • Light Customer: pefect photosynthesis, a prayer for the extermination of starvation turning all energy harmless, even Ragna’s Assault Photon.

      • Luck Upper: a festival of 365 days invoking good luck.

      • Necromancer: healing the body by approaching death through reversal phenomenon.

      • Wrist Cutter: carved wounds are transferred to oneself and others without distinction.

      • Soul Changer: solidify soul and wander through leisurely created bodies.

      • Gaia Device Accelerator: spun two stars who are drawn to each other: celestial body movement rotates at high speed like a top and combined with prayer to accelerate passage of time without end turns everything into dust. Its collision with Ragna’s Neutrino Mangum scraped away the universe of singularity, dragged flow of causality into madness and stirred up space/time.

    • Supreme Position: all thoughts and wishes occurring in Asgard are equally in Veratyr’s hand. Whether it’s hikikomori who picks independence, those with rubbernecking nature who want only to observe, those who want to go to the past and those who through greed want to create sandbox world that’s only convenient for themselves and rule it as a deities, and many, many more. No matter how far reaching desires they might have, no matter how spectacular worlds they create they can never surpass boundaries of Sphere Braver. Spheres painted with hope, those stained with despair, horizon between them or even more bizarre creations – no matter what answer they might draw out they will all end in Asgard and Veratyr will be overlooking them from the highest position. Even if one tries to surpass the rules of present world through willpower, crushing output will still be on the side of Asgard because it emerges from the spirit. As long as there’s someone loved in this world, as long as there are strong bonds, defeating Glen will be impossible even by flipping over heaven and earth. Since he’s accepting free will of all people as they are he’s completely beyond scales that determine concepts of right and wrong. Spheres like Razer and Bringer have the worst compatibility with Asgard since they draw power from the others so the only one who can stop Veratyr is hero of the fantasy who doesn’t care how many bodies is left on his path – devil who’s ready to commit sin of genocide and carry all living beings on his back. In the first place, after rooting Yggdrasil in 3rd dimension, Glen took position where people subconsciously realize they can never kill him as his death is equivalent with destruction of the Earth and higher dimension. Interruption of Asgard when it’s in the process of creating innumerable amount of Spheres would release energy equivalent to Big Bang that could renew the universe.

    • Absolute Defense: probably because it’s a Sphere with the main focus to create sturdy world, Sphere Braver excels in defense. Even before its completion, after locking Amaterasu, destruction of the World Tree itself is pointless because through synchronization with Sphere Braver it has deep roots in 3-dimensional space. Destroying it, or rather, killing Glenfarth will shatter both, third dimension and high-order dimension, into small pieces. The more one draws power from thoughts the stronger Asgard becomes. Not even existing Spheres are exception, even if it’s a task of cutting space or making super-long distance assassination, Sphere Braver cannot be broken. For example, Sphere Razer could connect with Amaterasu through Tartaros and turn all astral particles into anti-particles as a suicide tactic. But even that was sealed by creation of Asgard: astral particles produced by Yggdrasil have a different jurisdiction from that of the Second Sun and as a matter of source, outside laws are dyed in darkness first. It’s like self-defeating act where anti-particles would kill “homeland” first. Creation of otherworlds by different laws based on existing Spheres is pointless because no matter what it will be interference from the outside. As a result of breaking the biggest condition of acquiring Asterism or Sphere – supply of astral from Amaterasu, Glen blocked even direct interference beyond space and making all abilities useless. If it was material product then it would simply be difference in the source. However, because astral is a colorless interdimensional phase transition energy dyed in 3rd dimension through singularity (filter) by mental impulses of Esperanto and Planetes, by passing through completely different filter (Asgard) it’s inevitable that Glen can be matched only through direct confrontation. After Asgard is completed, it’s no longer possible to destroy it because for all actions, corresponding Spheres will be born to counter them. Even assault of all existing Spheres cannot destroy Asgard.

    • Power Up: manufactures Spheres have not only effect on the world, but Glen himself is affected. Not only his output rises with each born Sphere, but he’s protected by many laws they embody. It can be said that world itself turns into Glenfarth and various laws that depict it are merely colorful clothes for him. After he regained connection with his sister, Kujou Misaki, Glen can move at relativistic speed, break through Ragna’s super weapons, cut his imaginary number mines hidden in the gaps of space and inscribe wounds that even biometal is unable to heal.

    • Update: perhaps what’s truly terrifying about Sphere Braver is not an ability, but Glenfarth himself. Even after creating seemingly perfect world, after its completion he immediately decided to go even further and to continuously update it for eternity. Answer he reached after 1000 years of heavy life is instantly abandoned as if it was nothing. To make sure there are no loopholes or gaps in the Asgard, he plans to fill all holes with countermeasures. Starting by implementing idea, then by closely observing progress it will take form appropriate to reactions. The bigger the project will be, the bigger deviation between prediction and reality. It’s perfect in theory, but without trying out new ideas Glen won’t understand what update he should make. Even if it will take 2000 years, even if it will take 3000 years, even if it will take 100,000,000 years – Glenfarth is determined to continue his unending travel to achieve his goal, crystal of his spirit no longer able to break. What kind of world will be created at the end is unknown. Since possibilities of humanity are infinite it might not have final product in the first place.

    • Kenzoku: refers to those who escaped from the influence of Yamato by connecting to Asgard. The power they receive is far greater than even privilege of Japanese’s bloodline (Amatsu) and since the only way to gain power after locking Amaterasu is to become kenzoku of Asgard, Ancestors and Apostles power is incomparable to those who draw power from Yamato.

      • Amenokurato: Sphere Gazer is not the only one who can create special mass-produced Planetes. It took just few seconds for Glen to analyze Ragna’s future weapons, because they’re the same existence what’s possible for one is also possible for the other. In the case of Glenfarth, he pushes Spheres (perpetual motion engines) as a cores inside armors and outer shells created by him. Using the means of Sphere Braver, Veratyr on the brink of destruction created the most phenomenal power source. As a matter of course, those who reached Sphere are humans, so just like other Sphere users prayers with limbs have more freedom to fight and are usually stronger. They’re nothing more than materialized Spheres, independent and autonomous-type Sphere phenomenon reminiscent of Kerberos. They’re fully-automatic because they incorporate someone’s prayer. The acquisition of these high-performance vessels tipped the scale once again, forming singularity ring with his unfathomable divinity alone.

    • Ultimate Existence: just like Sphere Gazer, Braver’s essence isn’t expansion of own’s potential, but creation of ultimate existence, whether it's Sphere or super weapon is the only difference. That’s why battle between them is truly endless. Unlike past which is finite, there are literally no limits to the future. Humans are monsters of possibilities, craving for unending prosperity will cause them to evolve without end. Therefore, Sphere Braver and Sphere Gazer can be called their agents, acting on behalf of all commanders, development officers and military officers in the future generations. Furthermore, since they have the same origin it caused their safety measure to drop, generating resonance evolution due to intense compatibility and leading to even further invention war. Stimulated by the power of the opponent, they undertook a number of improvements and new creations. Each technique they developed was abandoned shorty after. It’s almost like a form of time travel. Summoning prayers and technology that humanity struggles to reach in distant future, from 1036 year of the New Age to the chains of eternity. Despite their different directions, they have continued to develop and expand scenarios from thousands of years in the future into modern era with a single move.

    • Yamato Support: after Ragna awakened through his fighting spirit and was ready to finish Glen, his sister used her time in relocating to Asgard to convince as many Yamato people as she could to side with Veratyr. As a result, around 10% of Yamato, 10,000,000 beings decided to follow Glen. In this state Glen is so powerful that Silverio Fimbulvetr has simply shattered upon contact with his body. What Veratyr did is nothing new and merely produced new Spheres – in the quantity of ten million. Furthermore, unlike Spheres until now, these recognize Glen accurately and fight together with him. So the reason Godslayer weapon was unable to withstand pressure of Sphere Braver is simple, one answer can’t match countless blessings and abnormal output that surround him. A number of hearts seeking innovation swirl together, drawing a pattern of galaxy and flaunting Glenfarth. Even his once greatest nemesis, General Isaburo, decided to help him. It’s the explosion of gentleness where his footprints carved for more than 1000 years were not pointless after all. They believe in each other and Glenfarth is entrusted with their dreams. Even answer drawn by his persona (Ragna) which opposed him until now, turned into his own power. The increasing number of prayers that rebound with each other can no longer be stopped, infinite force dwelling in his force lightly pushes back awakening of Ragna. Not only Yamato people, but even selected life in the New Age and even people in the gone by past; shadows of history recorded in higher dimension through Second Sun reproduce one after another, owning this to Asgard, space removed from the time axis. Overlapping feelings jump over boundary between life and death and recreate the strongest and most faithful sword by the guidance of Tsukuyomi, no longer missing anything in the past, present and future. Light, darkness, success, failure, hope and despair – outcomes accumulated by the pioneer who have worked hard for a long time can’t be stopped by newborn follower. So whatever victory one chooses, the end result is the same: Glenfarth already experienced this several times. He will practice the ideas of his opponent and turn it into his own power. The eternal trajectory where he survived as a person covers all attributes. If one wants to be stronger and better than anyone else, then they should live forever instead of dying in 100 years.


- Ancestor: beings that can be described as the next evolution of humanity, but also as shadows of their former selves. Originally they should become part of the Amaterasu, but instead remained on the Earth. Perhaps because they were closer to the hypocenter of Catastrophe they were reborn as immortal beings who are subspecies of Sphere and sibling stars of Amaterasu. Their true essence is independent and autonomous Sphere phenomenon with physical body. Since their soul and personal data (proof of existence, records of all information constituting them) doesn't exist in 3-dimensional space, but in the high-order dimension called The Other Side, it's pointless to destroy them physically. Whenever they're injured their appearance at the time of Catastrophe is replicated through personal data recorded in the higher dimension, regenerating all harm inflicted on them and granting perennial youth. Regeneration itself doesn’t even take one second, although they can consciously delay it to accommodate their fighting styles. Even if all particles in their body are erased, it still won't be enough to kill them. Furthermore, due to constant connection to Amaterasu they have unlimited stamina and energy supply, thus they can project Asterism at all times thanks to breaking point of maintenance, making them small-scale singularities.

  • Axion: another ability unique to Ancestors is creation of axion, crystalized astral particles. It's a matter of highly converged high-dimensional energy, as such it can be seen and physically touched. It has many uses: from turning others into Apostles, to acting as catalysts for high-dimensional energy similar to orichalcum and even creation of integrated circuits in the era of room temperature superconductivity. Ancestors don’t appear to have any limits in the amount of created axion, although large-scale creations such as Yggdrasil require long-term preparation.

    • Baptism: it’s a ritual through which Ancestors turn others into their Apostles. By creating purified axion and embedding it into chosen one, they can receive power comparable or even exceeding that of Planetes. Resulting body alteration grants them all benefits common to Esperanto, including increased physical abilities and acquisition of Asterism. The greatest feature of this ritual is that axion grants Apostles characteristics of their masters, in this case, immortality. So long their connection with Ancestors remains they can’t die at all, receiving infinite regeneration and energy supply, but not lifespan. Ancestors are always aware of the Apostles they’re connected to and at any time they can take away their power. It’s possible to become Apostle of two different Ancestors through dual baptism. However, because in this situation Apostle has two power sources that inevitably collide with each other, oversupply of energy causes Apostle to repeatedly collapse and regenerate, turning them into rabid berserkers. Apostles of Glenfarth are William Bergshrine and Richard Xnbrave (Cecile route only).

  • Millenium Spirit: arguably, the greatest quality of Ancestors is their immovable mental structure. Unlike humans who must face their limits already at the beginning of life due to limited lifespan and choose path they’re going to strive for, Ancestors have no such limitation thanks to their infinite life. Having lifespan and experience of 1000 years allowed them to adapt to various battle situations, predict behavior of others by calculating possibilities and simulating different scenarios, provide accurate prophecies by analyzing information about others and environment they inhabit and pinpoint position of the target hundreds of meters away through mere intuition among other feats. Eternal youth grants them every opportunity to experience all sort of victories without underestimating adversaries and misfortunes to learn from in order to grow and win in the future. Ancestors don’t overwhelm their opponents with crushing force such as Slaves of Light, they make sure that others are unable to fight against them in the first place.


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