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How do you know that she is not the real you?


Name: Hua
Origin: Honkai Impact 3rd
Gender: Female
Classification: Herrscher of Sentience
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super speed. super strength, can cast illusions, mental manipulationsummoning, spatial manipulation, can sense sentience
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Solar System level (can evenly fight against characters like Kevin Kaslana; should be stronger than a novel Herrscher such as Owl, who can create black holes; much stronger than Welt clones)
Range: Hundreds of meters with her illusions
Speed: Superhuman movement, likely far faster; FTL reactions/short range movement via powerscaling
Durability: Solar System level via powerscaling (should be as durable as Herrscher Mei)
Lifting Strength: Unknown
Striking Strength: Class XPJ
Stamina: Very high
Standard Equipment: Fenghuang Down
Intelligence: Has thousands of years of combat experience in her mind
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